Lunch and Learn with Jeremy Redman

Jeremy Redman By on March 6, 2017

Jeremy Redman is the CEO and founder of AirFive, an app that connects individuals through their love of drinks. Entrepreneurially spirited from a young age, Jeremy took his love of innovation and created a company that can be the next big thing.


Questions Asked:

  • Was there a situation where you learned about eliminating negative communication? (3:37)
  • What is an area of entrepreneurship that you think will blow up this year? (6:21)
  • What’s the number one book you’d recommend for early stage entrepreneurs? (7:26)
  • What was your hardest challenge you overcame in entrepreneurship so far and how did you overcome it? (12:52)
  • What would you say are the first three steps for a student who has classes and a job should take to get started?  (17:37)
  • What topic will your writing expertise be on in YOUNGRY? (23:10)


What You Will Learn:

  • Transparent entrepreneurship (0:42)
  • How to find “your people” (4:18)
  • The difference location makes in entrepreneurship (9:40)



“I am the best version of myself when I am the unfiltered version of myself.”

“Boundaries build bonds.”

“Don’t be rude, just be real.”


Items/People Mentioned:

The Third Wave by Steve Case


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