Week 1 Without Sugar! 40 day challenge.

Vincent Vitale By on March 9, 2017

If you haven’t read the original post, check it out here. The Spark Notes are, I’m going 40 days and nights without consuming processed sugars and I’m going to document the results with weekly articles. This is week 1!

Day 1 without sugar 3/1/2017: 

I made it through without any real struggle at all. I didn’t have any cravings while at the office. I got back to some old school protein staples like cottage cheese. Made it through my second work out, and ate a delicious turkey burger packed with 22 grams of protein, without the bun of course. Then my fiancee and I went on a walk around Austin (what felt like the entire city).

Suddenly it hit me, at 6:40 PM. The withdrawals. What first started as an intense craving for berries. I was thinking blueberries, raspberries, any berries. How healthy of me. Soon it evolved into a discussion about the first sweet thing I’d eat once off the 40 days.

I noticed an interesting association with my brain. The craving started as soon as I left our apartment. I found this fascinating because I usually make a purchase of something sweet or savory (or containing alcohol) every time I leave the apartment. I like to get out and be a foodie. My brain was classically conditioned to want some sort of reward for me being out on the town.

Day 2 without sugar 3/2/2017: 

I oddly found myself talking about sweets a lot. At around 10 AM I got into a discussion about Stevia. Who knew!? By lunch I was discussing girl scout cookies. The conversation started with if I enjoyed the television Entourage, and then I had to explain how I watched the first 2 seasons in one sitting eating nothing but girl scout cookies and cinnamon toast crunch. Oh to be young again.

Later on in the day, I took Bridget out for dinner at a restaurant called Winflow. Awesome spot, and our badass friend Jo Jo works there. After a delicious dinner of chicken meatballs and calamari, Jo Jo brought out what looked to be a sinful dessert.

40 days no sugar

The result turned out to be Bridget defeated on day 2 of lent. For the second year in a row. Womp Womp Womp.

I had to watch her eat this dessert as she described it as “the best dessert I’ve ever had in Austin, no really, the best ever.”

Shout out to Jo Jo for the amazing service and hospitality!

Day 3-7 without sugar.

My sugar craving has definitely curbed. I think this is predominantly because I decreased my sugar intake daily since having moved to Austin. My body has adjusted pretty well. The biggest adjustment is figuring out what is and isn’t sugar.

For instance, I’m excited to start eating Lift Protein Muffins because a high protein diet easily cuts down on excess fat when paired with exercise, and these muffins are packed with protein. This begs the question of, are muffins a junk food? 19 grams of sugar could be construed as such, but I’m saying no, because they’re packed with protein. So sue me.

Beware of  the traps

The other thing I noticed was there are daily traps in our every day life with sugar. For instance I was getting my haircut and I reached to grab a customary lolly pop on the way out. TRAP!

No sugar diet

Recap of the week.

Overall, honestly, staying away from sugar isn’t hard. You just have to be conscious. I think my body already kicked the whole withdrawals thing in the first week. What I did notice is, since I’m eating much cleaner, exercising twice daily, and kicking sugar, alcohol is affecting my body a lot more dramatically. I’m much more hung over after a night of drinking, and it’s much harder for me to get a good nights rest.

The experiment continues! Hang in there with me Richard Birt!