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TV Celebrity & Medical Expert Dr. Oz Interview On Peak Performance!

By on April 5, 2017

Dr. Oz sat and talked to Youngry on the proper diet, productivity and lifestyle habits needed to be on top of your game. He also discusses his national sleep project which we first covered here at CES 2017. Click here for the interview.

Bonus: Get connected with Dr. Oz with his emmy nominated Dr. Oz app to see the very best of what Dr. Oz has to offer. The app includes packaged plans, recipes and advice from Dr. Oz and his friends!

“Don’t expect your doctor to have all the answers, expect them to be your teacher” – Dr. Oz


Questions Asked?
1. What advice do you give to anyone looking to find the right food plan? (2:10)
2. How do you deal with people with diseases but food plans aren’t a part of their treatment? (3:50)
3. What habits do you have to keep your regimen intact? (6:25)
4. How is your sleep project going? (10:21)
5. Are you advocating that an all-work/no-sleep lifestyle is bad for productivity? (12:50)
6. What is next for you on this project? (15:50)

Things you’ll learn:
1. His App (0:55 and 10:32)
2. How food affects people differently (2:50)
3. Intermittent Fasting (3:15)
4. How much medical students learn about nutrition (4:15)
5. Blue Zones (6:44)
6. Effects of sleep/lack of it (10:40)
7. Sleep hacks (14:26)

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