Turn Your Side Hustle into Your Main Hustle – 5 Ways the YOUNGRY Summit Will Teach You How

Jocelyn Contreras By on October 4, 2017

Each entrepreneur, musician, and artist has turned their passion, their side hustle, or their hobby into their main hustle. It may seem impossible, but our guest speakers at the YOUNGRY Summit will tell you otherwise. You will not only network with inspiring and influential people, but you will learn how they turned their side hustle to their main hustle. Here are 5 Ways the YOUNGRY Summit Will Teach You How:

1. The Beginnings of a Vast Network.

You will be thrilled to learn that all our speakers are high profiles who have created their business out of sheer will power and team work. Many entrepreneurs, investors, and influencers are going to be at the summit. Click with like-minded individuals and influencers who believe in your hustle. Talk to one of our mentors and connect. Make friends, guests and entrepreneurs who have the exact same side-hustle that will result in your new business partner for your, now, main hustle. Learn to self-brand and network with the champions and support you need.

2. Mentorship for Life.

We strive to be mentors and that is the reason we have created this summit. For that exact purpose, our speakers will be thoroughly guiding you towards the correct entrepreneurial path. No hand holding, but insightful information and resources they wish they had even before the start of their venture. This will be intimate sessions that will produce results through your initiative. They all had their side hustles that could have been impossible, if they had given up. Our speakers will provide you critical feedback to your business plan and helpful responses to all your worries, questions, and doubts. Be inspired to learn from those who have been in your exact position. Turn your side hustle into your main hustle. Gain instructions and guidelines to scale up and raise money!

3. Inspiration creates Initiation.

Through these mentors, you will have the opportunity to ask intimate questions about a speaker or the speakers entrepreneurial venture. Take the initiative to ask probing questions that will help you step into the entrepreneurial space. Each speaker and guest will speak logistically and truthfully with the experience they faced when they turned their side hustle into their main and successful business.

4. The Z to A method to Success.

Not everyone has a specific path to their success. The older generation with job security is not on the job market anymore. Learn the secret path to success, the Z to A method presented by our co-founder, Ankur Garg, and how he turned his side hustle to his main hustle. Tricks and smart methods of overcoming challenges that held these entrepreneurs back can help you create your business into an impactful movement.

5. Stay YOUNGRY.

The final method used is the awesome and constant reminder to stay young in spirit and hungry in ambition. The sky’s the limit. Persevere, persist and continue to aim towards your goals. You will gain life changing insight and great opportunities, it all just depends on how you use this to your advantage.