Sanket Patel By on January 16, 2017


Jay Z

Nothing, and I mean it so I’m going to repeat myself, nothing is impossible. I dare you to present me a problem that doesn’t have a solution and I will reference stories of infamous figures both alive and dead, successful business men, and that guy in your network that always gets what he wants.

Whether you want to be the guy who gets credit for making things happen or you want to be the guy in the shadows pulling the strings – there is always a way to change the status quo to realign with what you want.

Let me prove my point…

Problem: A certain major corporation wants to rezone a specific area of land so they can build their brand new state of the art “campus” for their headquarters… But the government body that controls the zoning commission says we can’t do this.

Solution: In no particular order create a lobbyist group, trade favors, support a side that will back your plan… AND elect a new government body/commissioner/warlord (kidding about the warlord) and now you have the approvals you need to build your dream office. In the end, you are supporting the local economy and creating jobs! Who can argue with that?

Problem: A gorgeous woman is at the same party as a Zoo member and he decides that he wants to pursue her…

Solution: The Zoo always analyzes the surroundings and the key factors that showcase what we call the engagement opener opportunities. Is she enjoying the music? Is she lip syncing the songs? Is she dancing with her friends? Is she drinking a specific drink? Is she taking a round of shots? Is she soo bored that she’s stuck on her iPhone? Is she being pursued by another man at this party?

Each of these questions tells you something about the girl that offers you a glimpse into how she feels right now… So let’s say she’s glued to her phone – either she’s bored OR she’s in a relationship… It’s time to make a bold move and get the rooms attention. You know what I’d do? Maybe, I’d tell one of my engaging stories to a group of people just near enough that she might overhear it (or at least hear the laughter/engagement); maybe, I’d buy a bottle of champagne, borrow a saber from the bartender and perform one of my infamous parlor tricks and open the bottle in a way that gets everyone’s attention, pour 4-5 glasses and make sure the lady in question and her friend receive a glass hand delivered by me… What do I do next? Well I can’t give you all my secrets – that’s reserved for Zoo Members only.

Okay, so now that I’ve shown you what I call the oh-sh*t moment of knowing how the world works – ask yourself this: How do I do what they did for the problems I face on a regular basis?

  • Get culturally evolved by reading books, studying how successful people win, and by reading my article on The Power of Cultural Knowledge
  • Map out exactly what obstacles have to be overcome to guarantee the result you want.
  • Have the audacity to think that you can overcome those obstacles and make a plan that you’re committed to executing. And don’t stop until you’ve completed your goal.

Easier said than done right? Join the Zoo and we’ll show you how to use the Art of Persuasion and planning to overcome every obstacle that faces you.