The power of a phone call

Cristina M. Gallegos By on April 2, 2017

Our GG Society Fellows have been hearing me say this over and over and OVER again: “how many phone calls have you made today?” I constantly pester them to make more calls. My 5 year old kid is asking me at the end of each day: “How many phone calls have you made today?” She keeps me honest. I asked her to do it, because I know that if at the end of the day I need to prove my kid that my day amounted to something, I will work that day with a jet-pack on my back.

Make massive amounts of phone calls and you WILL be successful. You will see dollars flowing in. It’s not rocket science, it’s not juju, it’s simple practice and persistence. Build a huge prospect list, and keep calling.

Watch this.

If this young gentleman can do this on the phone, SO. CAN. YOU.
Work your face off.
(that’s what his t-shirt says, by the way).

His words are lifted – almost words for word – from many sales pitches I heard before. He is not saying anything unusual or different. Copy his words for your context, and go to work.

The power of a phone call is the power of persistence.