The NBA’s 70 million dollar problem

Vincent Vitale By on April 18, 2017

We’ve had an incredible NBA season this year. Harden vs Westbrook. LeBron chasing the ghost of MJ. Durant on the Warriors. Etc etc. There is however one glaring flaw in this season and that is directly tied to the new NBA collective bargaining agreement.

Let me break it down. Paul George is the Indiana Pacers superstar, as well as someone who’s been the center of a lot of trade rumors this year. Hes also a potential all NBA candidate. All NBA is a prestigious award given to the best 15 players in the league. 3 for each position.

The season is almost over and the yearly awards will be released at the end of this season. The media members are the ones who vote on these awards (including all NBA). Here’s the flaw. This year the media will dictate whether or not Paul George will receive an extra 70 million dollars in his contract because of a clause in the new CBA.

The Designated Player Exception was added to the latest CBA in an effort to entice players to re-sign with their teams by paying them much more than other teams could offer. If a player approaching free agency on his second contract is named MVP or Defensive Player of the Year, or makes an All-NBA team while either playing for the team that drafted him or that acquired him while on his rookie contract, the team is permitted to sign that player to a max contract extension well above what he’s designated to make for his service time” as the Washington Post explained.

No player has been faced with this clause before George. There is clearly a glaring problem with the NBA if journalists are in control of tens of millions of dollars. This also can cause them to vote subjectively as I’m sure individuals don’t want to be the reason George doesn’t make an extra 70 million dollars. This is a flawed system that needs to be updated.

I also don’t agree on journalists (many of whom vote for their hometown players) having the right to vote at all. Very few of these people ever played basketball on a high level, and understand it’s intricacies. Hate to break it to you, but it’s not all about numbers and analytics. Just ask Draymond Green who only averages 10 points per game.

PG13 can become an unrestricted free agent next summer unless the pacers orginization can lock him up to a contract extension. Should George make an all NBA team he would be in line to receive an extension worth more than $200 million this summer, roughly $70 million more than he normally would earn for his years in the NBA.

However, George has been linked to join his hometown Los Angeles Lakers in the next off season so this could all be a moot point.