The Impact and Significance of Self-Branding

Ash Kumra By on August 14, 2017

Jessica Naziri is the founder and ShEO of TechSesh, an online vlog with tech tips, app advice, and best gadgets. She is the expert in technology who has years of experience as a tech reporter for the LA times, CNN, and Her passion is to create digestible tech knowledge for everyone, especially demonstrate and show millennial women the possibility to be involved in technology. The notorious tech expert brings forth inspiration for women to become a part of an inclusive community through technology. Her are her tips on self-branding and becoming the best version of your professional self for your employer through technology.


What You’ll Learn from this interview:

  1. Her panel at the Digital Entertainment World Expo. Jessica’s involvement in technology and how she became an entrepreneur.
  2. Why she created her website and vlog, She understands the technology, loves it, and details it to her audience as a consumer herself.
  3. Branding is important no matter who you are. Creator or entrepreneur it matters.
  4. Tell your story from an early age: who you are and what you are doing. It has to be branded from you.
  5. How Jessica was a tech reporter for many years in the LA Times, CNN, and and gained experience to branch out and do her own tech reviews.
  6. When branding, the people follow you and an example of how her leaving her job still allowed her to gain a bog following to her website.
  7. What Augmented Reality is and what Virtual Reality is. Her favorite gadget.
  8. The best method to self-brand and rules to not ruin your image on social media. The applicableness of live streaming and how to monetize it through your audience.


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