The Skim: Stranger Things just launched on Netflix. This is another installment of their  “Netflix originals.” This one is truly original in the sense that I haven’t seen anything like it. However, it is set in the past is a pastiche to Steven Spielberg’s oeuvre. It also brought back some ET like nostalgia. That and the cassette tapes. (Side note: I had trouble spelling cassette. I’m truly a millennial now.)

It’s a horror/thriller set in 1983 and it dropped on Netflix on July 15. It has been gaining quite a bit of traction through word of mouth. I saw it on a Facebook status and finished all 8 episodes in a weekend. I was also busy all of Saturday, and worked all of Friday. So to be completely honest I spent roughly 6 hours straight watching this show on Sunday. Watch the trailer for yourself and get sucked in.

Then I made a status and a few people said they’d check it out. That’s word of mouth for ya. I described it as “an erie thriller. Main characters are kids and teenagers but all amazing acting. It’s very well thought out, developed, and extremely original. It’s like if ET was its’ own show. Mixed with modern day tech/suspense”

I stand by that. The entire time I was watching it I was intrigued. Mostly because the show is centered around kids, and the kids are all amazing actors. I mean GREAT actors. It also brought back some great memories of friendship. Basically it encapsulated growing up. There were bullies, high school crushes, drama, fighting, and basically everything else that happens from elementary school through high school.

It’s a bit of a shocker quite frankly that I’m so in to this show. I mean, I’m not really a Sci Fi guy. I literally only started Game of Thrones to be able to say it’s stupid and no where near as good as Breaking Bad. (I was wrong.) I think for all of the non-sic-fiers out there, shows like this walk a delicate line. It’s important not to be too loosey goosey with the material. This show did that perfectly. There was a lot of quality character development, suspense, and great writing. I loved watching how the kids interacted with each other. What they didn’t know, and what they did know. It was a masterful adaptation of how kids truly interact.

Stranger Things kids
Stranger Things kids

The last thing that intrigues me about this show is that it wasn’t as predictable as it could have been. There were a few times where I thought it was going to go one way, and then it went another. I’m giving this one a solid 9/10 on the must watch scale.

I won’t spoil anything because I’m not that type of guy but Stranger Things wrapped up very well. There are a few character development cliff hangers that I’m anxious to watch play out. That to me is the sign of a good show. If you finish the first season and you’re happy with the way it wrapped up, you will recommend it. That’s what happened with me.

I will definitely be watching season 2.

~Vincent Vitale

(Here are the first 2 minutes to suck you in)