Selling an Idea is Much Harder than Selling the Prototype

Lorenzo Santos By on August 15, 2017

Brock Pierce, the former child actor and now American entrepreneur, is the pioneer behind monetizing the digital currency in games. He is the managing partner and co-founder of Blockchain Capital, the venture fund that invests in Blockchain companies and Bitcoin. By reinventing himself as an entrepreneur, Pierce has developed a passion for investing in disruptive technology that is going to shape and impact the world in the future. Here is his advice to young and early-stage entrepreneurs who desire to enter the challenging and yet rewarding path of entrepreneurship.


Things You’ll Learn from the Interview:

  1. What brought Brock to the Crowd Invest Summit. Meeting and networking with amazing entrepreneurs.
  2. How and why he reinvented himself several times. Doing more or less anything he wants from his life and why the power to choose is significant to your happiness and success.
  3. Brock’s background from child actor to an investing entrepreneur. How he was on the wrong path and quit acting at 16.
  4. As an entrepreneur, he quickly learned failure and the rejection from investors as he tried to monetize media driven content through computers, something like YouTube way before it even existed.
  5. When he hit rock bottom, dropped out of college and loss of large sums of money due to the market crashing, he used his last cents to start a business.
  6. Why and how he transitioned into the Bitcoin ecosystem. He became an investor and penetrated the market by full curious for the industry.
  7. The difference between entrepreneurship and investors. Entrepreneurship equals an operator who has tenacity and persistence. All odds stacked against you, are you YOUNGRY to be an entrepreneur?
  8. The three skill sets to succeed as an entrepreneur: selling your brand and yourself, building by understanding the insides and outs of your products and even partially being behind the prototypes construction, and finally recruiting. Beyond the sells component: businesses succeed more because of the people than the ideas.


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