Sean Brown is Changing the VC Game

Richard Lorenzen By on December 6, 2017

With thousands of companies vying for attention in the venture capital arena, most get overlooked. One company, based in Orange County, CA is focusing on tech startups, and are swiftly becoming the driving force behind the success of some of the country’s most innovative startups.

Sean Brown is the Founder and CEO of GO VC, whose mission is to bring marketing expertise and software automation principles to the world of early stage funding. Led by Sean Brown, their team is composed of ad-buying masterminds. With over 15 years of entrepreneurial experience, Sean has owned and sold companies in several industries and concentrations. His latest venture in particular is changing the way venture capitalism turns startups into successful, scalable companies.


A New Name in Venture Capital

Sean’s latest brainchild, GO VC, focuses on startups, in the technology space in particular. Their goal is to reverse the statistic of 90% of startups failing. GOVC has committed to investing $10M in tech startups in 2018. With investment funding at an all-time high but a cut back on deals, GO VC is committed to inflating the market next year.


Going beyond just providing monetary funding to startups, GO VC pushes the boundaries of venture capital by growing the businesses they invest in through advanced digital marketing automation and tactics.


Even if the startup isn’t ready for a full digital marketing push, GO VC provides support if you are in the product testing phase or the extremely early stages. They allow entrepreneurs to focus on their product, providing assistance in areas of growth strategy, hiring principles, and management skills.


Most recently, GO VC made a $3M investment in the up and coming digital advertising hub, AdLeaks. The marketing news and education platform reached 100,000 unique visitors during its first month in operation and is seeking to make a major investment in producing proprietary ad tools for users.


Standing Out in a Sea of Startups

One of the biggest challenges people face starting out on the path of establishing a new business is getting the funds to do it. Each year there are thousands of startups competing to receive funding from venture capital firms across the country. Every startup has their own message and value proposition that they want to develop, grow, and let the world know about. But how do you stand out from a sea of startups? Take a little advice from Sean.


  1. Determine what makes you unique, and capitalize on that. Focus on what makes your organization different and unique. Does your product cater to an underserved market? Maybe you stumbled on the idea for your company by accident? Investors see generic pitch after pitch; make yours stand out and don’t be afraid to reveal the gritty details that make your pitch shine.
  2. Let your guard down. Chances are, that investors will have feedback for you in some way, shape, or form. Learn to consume, digest, and accept constructive criticism in a way that is not defensive. Take that feedback and work it into your current business plan or pitch to improve upon what you already have. The last thing you want to do is come off as cocky and dismiss the criticism you receive.
  3. Numbers, numbers, numbers. Investors like hard data and numbers. Your backstory, mission, and value proposition are important, but numbers tell the complete story. Be prepared with multiple sets of data points and numbers to back up your business plan.


Keep these tips in mind when working with investors. You need to have a solid, concrete reason you’re  even asking for an investment, and these tips will lend to a thorough, purpose-driven pitch. Interested in learning more about GO VC and the work they do with up and coming startups? Let them help you tell your story.