Ryan Lochte and The Golden Truth

Dave Meltzer By on March 30, 2017
Lochte: Do you lie?

I always ask my new interns on their first day at our Monday morning meeting one question. Do you lie? Invariably, 99% of the kids who come in and start an internship are afraid of the truth. They tell me that they don’t lie. I then proceed to ask the room, “Who here lies?”  Having been trained by me in the four pillars of truth (gratitude, empathy, accountability, and effective communication), they indicate that we all lie.

You can’t out-swim the truth

The reason that the truth is so important is it vibrates the fastest. When we lie to ourselves, or others, we bring low energy to the situation or relationship. Everyone lies. My dear mom still lies to me and tells me how smart and good-looking I am. Where do we draw the line? Ryan Lochte lied in Rio, bringing low energy to one of the highest-energy events in the world. The 32-year-old four time Olympian and role model for fellow Olympians and millions of Americans made the decision to try and “save face” rather than try to be grateful, empathetic, accountable, and truthful. He brought low energy to himself, the Olympic team, his swim team, his sponsors, and to the entire Olympics.

Everything in the universe vibrates. The minerals vibrate the slowest, then plants, animals, humans, sound, light, and thought. The thought that vibrates the fastest is the truth. That’s why we can’t hide from the truth, and it can’t hide from you. Vibrate at your fastest level, by telling the truth. While we may all have the best intentions to protect other people, and not hurt their feelings, being truthful is the most important thing.

Live in the Truth

Olympians are expected to be leaders. They’re expected to be grateful. Great leaders are forgiving or empathetic. They’re expected to be accountable. Olympic leaders effectively communicate the spirit and the intent of the Olympics. They connect to the truth that we all are relative to one another. We all care for one another. Please, Ryan, we all forgive you, but hopefully, now you understand the truth will always come out, thank you for setting an example of what low energy can do to even the biggest events.