Pursue with Passion. Surround Yourself with Entrepreneurs at the YOUNGRY Summit.

Jocelyn Contreras By on September 21, 2017

To meet entrepreneurs and individuals who are driven and passionate about their venture, is a blessing. Surround yourself with like-minded people, but be open to meet mentors, friends, investors, and business partners. Come out to the YOUGNRY Summit to check out the next set of mentors and friends.


Ankur Garg is the co-founder and entrepreneur behind YOUNGRY, media company mentoring entrepreneurs with entrepreneurial content and real-life, experienced professionals in many fields giving you the ins and outs of entrepreneurship, and SHREDZ, a company that provides its consumers nutritious supplements and fitness information. Garg was born a hustler, from a small age selling lemonade, to teen years in delivery, to late teens in DJing around the country and the world, to co-founding his own company! Born in India from a working-class family, raised in the U.S. with one mindset: achieve your dreams. Garg learned how to create and design websites, became an expert strategist, and specialized in branding.  From humble beginnings, Garg has climbed the latter and has left a path for the next set of entrepreneurs to step up and accomplish their dreams as well as their ventures. He wants everyone to learn his secret to success from his Z to A method; instead of taking the conventional, traditional path to success, Garg will bring his perspective, his wisdom, and his experience to the YOUNGRY summit. Garg has 15 years-worth of leadership experience and is an expert in providing marketing consulting and information technology services for start-up companies the best methods to success and guides them to creative, mainstream branding. Come out to the YOUNGRY Summit to learn about the importance of hustling when the odds are against you! Order your YOUNGRY Summit tickets here to learn the Z to A method of Success.


Lee Decker is the entrepreneur, marketer, and data-driven executive leader who co-founded Hundred. with Ami Marmar. Decker is a specialist in online conversion and the Executive Director of the fastest growing start-up events marketing and promotions company with meetups like OC Tech Happy Hour, OC Emerging Tech Meetup, San Diego Startup Fusion, and Denver Tech Happy Hour. He has built a strong base in community with over 7,000 people in a national network meet-up for tech start-up and investors! Decker is dedicated to accomplishing and striving to the finish line of every venture. He has created social media content, specializes in branding and product design, growth hacking and conquest marketing. What Decker will bring to the YOUNGRY Summit is a support system that will guide you to your next steps to practice conscious capitalism leading you to a determined and successful entrepreneur. Learn the root of determination and discipline from the master himself—Lee Decker. Come out to the YOUNGRY Summit on October 28th of 2017, and channel your inner competitor to a successful entrepreneur. Order your tickets here!


Cam Kashini is an expert communicator with the U.S. State Department, a three-time founder (Coloft—LA’s first co-working space and her third company, COACCEL, focused on creating powerful and mindful leaders), and the “God Mother” of Silicon Beach and a single mom of twin boys. Cam has experience working with 700+ start-up companies and 4000+ entrepreneurs! She created the “ground zero” space for companies like Uber LA, Instacart, Fullscreen, and many more. Cam has worked with a diverse group of individuals but she feels inspired and passionate about working with women because she believes women who embrace their determination and power can create a shift in business and collectively create a harmonious environment. To create a co-working space that allows companies from a variety of sizes to work collaboratively function adequately is a valuable aspect in humanizing a company which is what Cam has done. Now with her new company that is basically a 3-month accelerator program that results in a thoughtful, mindful, and successful leader, COACCEL. Come out to the YOUNGRY Summit to get a chance to meet the expert ready to humanize the business, a SHEO! Order your tickets here!