Why salespeople are hated, and how to fight it.

If all of life is a sale, why are salesmen so vilified? Business relies on money and it is literally the air it breathes. Without money, a business dies. Sales staff is the heart of the business, it pumps in clients and pushes out money for the business. Yet, why do we have such a [...]

Competitive Allies: How Competition Works for You

Every great story stems from stacking the odds against the protagonist; they strive and overcome the odds to beat out their competition. A word that carries a weight so great, but often lacks in depth. Competition: it is a term that is thrown around in pitches and business plans, but rarely ever explores the depth […]

Lotus HR: The 5 Key Elements to Speed up Your Recruitment Process

When it comes to recruiting the right talent for your organization, you really need to take time to hire the right people. The longer it takes, the more frustrating the entire process would be. But, stay strong, don’t give up. Remain focused all through the process. You will never regret the experience. Recruitment is a [...]

Three Reasons You’re Starting-up Wrong

Fighting a bear with your own hands is dangerous, challenging, and only true if someone witnessed it. Much like a good story, the validity of a story or, in this case, a product relies on the validation from the audience or customer. Entrepreneurs often believe their product is the greatest; it solves their individual problems [...]

Mastering the Abundance Mentality

Let’s face it, life is better when you are rich. You can afford to be healthy, spend quality time with loved ones, explore the world, give back, and not juggle EVERYTHING to keep the house clean and the children fed. But, how do we welcome that into our lives if we don’t have that kind [...]

How Your Suppliers are Killing Your Start-up

Start-ups are no different than any other businesses; their supply chain is the key to their success, but start-ups face the age-old question, “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” Before we discuss this concept, the key is regarding any supply chain: physical products or services. If your brand or start-up is reliant on [...]

How to Act Like a CEO and Be Genuine About It

Act like you have the job you want. What does that even mean? I’m sure most of us have seen the myriad articles on LinkedIn, professional blogs, and other social platforms that give us the same advice: wake up at 5am for optimal productivity, work hard to get promoted, dress a certain way to give [...]

How Brands are MADE: Connecting with the Modern-Day Consumer

What makes a brand stand out isn’t just the space it possesses but rather the total experience, and architectural design plays a huge role. Modern day design needs to resonate with the audience—they need to fall in love with the brand. That is how brands are MADE. MADE (Marketing Architecture Design Education), is an architectural design studio […]

Mindvalley Founder Vishen Lakhiani On The Future Of Education

Vishen Lakhiani is an entrepreneur, author, and speaker. He is the founder and CEO of Mindvalley and the author of The Code of the Extraordinary Mind. Hear this exclusive interview taken at the Fall 2017 Mindvalley Reunion in San Diego.  In this video, hear Vishen share why the current education system is broken and how they are working […]

Why Entrepreneurs Should Attend Bhaktifest

       Bhaktifest is a devotional yoga, kirtan, and personal growth festival held every fall in Joshua Tree, California. “Bhakti” means devotion, therefore bhakti yoga is the yoga of devotion. To me, bhakti yoga is a direct action to dedicate some time out of your day-to-day life to fully devote yourself to embracing the […]

The Future of Education and Technology

Technology has exponentially grown into our lives and has taken over the world! Literally. As technology advances by the millisecond, coding has become an important skill much needed in the work force as the world moves towards software development and engineering. Coding is a foreign language to those who haven’t been exposed to it. However, [...]

I Am Statements and Positive Affirmations: PleaseNotes

How do we learn to love ourselves and channel a strong energy that will help us generate our success? When the world is out to tear us, women, down and especially women of color! What’s stopping us if not society? It’s ourselves. Fear not sisters. I have solved the problem…well technically. I learned that we [...]

10x Thinking

As the wise Jim Rohn says, “Nothing is easy or hard .. Thinking makes it so. However, all things are simple when you know what to do. Add more of the good stuff and get rid of the bad stuff. It’s not how things are that determines our reality, it is how we THINK things [...]

Jimmy Kimmel has the solution!

"It was like if your book club meeting turned into a cockfight," - Jimmy Kimmel After one of the most ridiculous days in Donald Trump’s presidency, Jimmy delivers a solution to those who voted for Trump and presents a plan that could solve all of our problems... Make America Great Britain Again

Kobe Bryant Reveals the Nike Kobe A.D.

The Mamba Mentality has been used during Kobe's prime basketball playing days and I'm pretty sure Lavar Ball used it as a reason why Lonzo was killing it in the Summer League games. Lets face it - Kobe is YOUNGRY and he approaches the game in such an elite way that only those that understand the [...]

Future of #MedTech With Dr. Drew, Heal App & Modius Health

Modius Founder Dr. Jason McKeown, Addiction medicine specialist Dr. Drew and Heal app co-founder Dr. Renee Dua share their beliefs in Med Tech and how the Modius product can revolutionize weight loss. The Modius wearable headset uses low-power lectrical pulses to stimulate the vestibular nerve, which runs into the brain from just behind the ear. [...]

The American Dream is An Old AD Campaign

America the land of the free and an opportunistic land where you get to be anyone…doesn’t that sound splendid! The land of the free?! Please, this is such an old Ad campaign that actually worked—back then. It was never about the American Dream, but it was more about the vast opportunities for success that America […]

Why Millennials Are Pursuing Entrepreneurship.

As previously stated, Millennials are going to run the economy and every social aspect due to the total of our generation. It surpasses many other generations and times are changing. Getting a job is not as easy or linear as it was back then. When your grandfather wanted to get a job, all he had […]

How to Succeed Outside the Boardroom

 Morgan Jones People tend to love the idea of dating entrepreneurs — they’re driven, passionate, dynamic, always thinking of new ideas, and therefore tend to keep daily life exciting.  However, as a professional matchmaker at Three Day Rule, I’ve learned that entrepreneurs can often have tunnel vision when it comes to anything outside of their […]

Lunch and Learn with Tom Bilyeu

Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder and president of Quest Nutrition and the host of the weekly thought leadership talk show, Inside Quest. Tom is a forever student of life. His obsession with mastering skills has molded him into a well-rounded leader, battle-hardened and unafraid to fire moonshots. Video link is here.  Questions Asked:  How do […]

The art of non-attachment in generating what you want

Imagine that you have everything you have ever wanted. Your business is exceeding projections and is doing so by x, y, and z happening just as planned. You’re on your yacht living a dream while your team executes everything exactly as it was set up… “Bartender, another margarita, please.” Except that this is rarely how […]

Part 1: The Attorney-Client Relationship

Spiro Harrison is a diverse group of business-minded attorneys from big law backgrounds who have joined together to create a full-service law firm focused on serving emerging, high growth, and middle market companies.  We believe in providing value driven service to clients through high quality work and flexible fee structures that are tailored to the […]

Tips to maintain mental fitness for entrepreneurs

Busy life and new challenges always impact people who want to stay active and positive in daily tasks. This situation especially affects entrepreneurs who are working very hard to create profit and to be successful. However, in a bunch of different tasks they have, businesspeople are also occupied with their health and daily habits. They […]

Finding Peace in the Chaos

Life in this modern, internet-driven world can often seem chaotic, so how do we find any peace in all of it if there is so much to do? Is finding peace even possible? The more the mind senses things are unknown, scary, or lack structure, the more it spins and spins. Peace comes from addressing […]

Achieve Your Ultimate Goal

What is that thing you aim to SOMEDAY achieve? Maybe you aspire to write a book, travel the globe, expand your business, get married, or lose that weight. Why is it that this is a SOMEDAY thing and not a TODAY thing? Maybe it seems too hard, will take too long, is overwhelming, seems impossible, […]

Journaling Your Future

Why is it that we tend to journal our past and present, but not our future? One might argue that it’s because the future hasn’t ‘happened’ yet. What are we doing though in the present? Aren’t we, in effect, creating our future?   There is a powerful practice in journaling your future as if it […]