Why Your Pitch Falls Apart and What It’s Missing

Do you feel like when you are presenting and pitching a product to a customer, they just don’t care? Tired of getting “thats nice, let me think about it?” Let’s take look at your presentation and prospecting.   I used to be a cars salesman. A used car salesman. That is where I grinded my [...]

Anthony Lolli Proves The American Dream is Still Alive

Achieving the “American dream” is central to what it means to be an American. Yet today less than 20% of Americans say they’re living the American dream. Anthony Lolli is just one example of how that dream is alive and well.   Real estate investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur are just a few of the hats [...]

4 Ways Small Businesses Can Build Their Brands

Many people truly want to start their own business, and the reason most of them give is simply because they want to turn their passions into a lucrative career. However, a great number of these people are skeptical that they don’t have the mental capacity to manage the business successfully. Browsing through our website howtostartanllc.org, [...]

Make Your Employees a Priority: Student Maid Q and A

1. What is your mission? Though I started cleaning houses, so I could afford a pair of jeans by the time I officially launched Student Maid the mission of the company was already about so much more than making money. I saw how a flexible job with a supportive work environment impacted the students I [...]

Creator of the Top Ad of the Century Reveals How He Built a $5M Video Agency

Utilizing the power of video marketing is a critical strategy to promote, brand, and grow your business online. More users are interacting with videos today than ever before. Travis Chambers, Chief Media Hacker of Chamber Media, drives million in sales for top brands like Kraft, Polaroid, and Amazon. His work has also been featured in [...]

The Largest Entrepreneur Summit in SoCal is Coming to Irvine

This is going to be epic! This summit is going to be the largest entrepreneur summit in SoCal and it’s coming to Irvine! Learn to be a serial entrepreneur through the mentorship and guidance of famous, successful, and inspiring, leading entrepreneurs. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. You will get to connect and network [...]

Learn to be a Better Version of Yourself: YOUNGRY™ Summit

Erik Huberman is an entrepreneur and expert in sales, digital marketing and e-commerce. He is the expert to discuss you plans in brand and marketing. Erik has nurtured the growth of companies and can execute a strategy that has all eyes on your webpage! The founder of Hawke Media, a media company that creates sales, [...]

Pursue with Passion. Surround Yourself with Entrepreneurs at the YOUNGRY Summit.

To meet entrepreneurs and individuals who are driven and passionate about their venture, is a blessing. Surround yourself with like-minded people, but be open to meet mentors, friends, investors, and business partners. Come out to the YOUGNRY Summit to check out the next set of mentors and friends.   Ankur Garg is the co-founder and [...]

Be Inspired. Be Authentic. Be YOUNGRY at the Summit.

The YOUNGRY™ Summit is a national event for millennial young professionals, entrepreneurs and influencers on Oct 28th 2017 starting at 10AM. Program highlights include: Inspiring talks from top entrepreneurs, influencers and change agents. An amazing product/demo area from companies and brands who want to help you thrive! Informal mentorship sessions with top business owners, entrepreneurs [...]


Communicating hustle was the theme of Youngry's recent event where my startup, Pepper Bandits, sponsored the pizza offered for a tasting of Fuegorita, our all-natural hot pepper blend. So, it seemed fitting to reflect on how that topic shows up in my work. Do you work harder, spreading yourself thinly, double-booking and pushing yourself to the brink of exhaustion each day? Or [...]

The Constant Evolution of Individualization

C-level executive, entrepreneur, and investor—Robert Davis—is the principal of Y7 Collective, a company that helps develop businesses and assist in the networking portion for other companies as well as directing these companies to the desired success they want to go. Davis is a professional ready to help his clients build, grow and expand their businesses. [...]

There Won’t Be an Investment if There is no Effort

Dan Fleyschman is young entrepreneur and Angel Investor, was in high school when he made started his own apparel company making millions at the age of 17. He then later launched the energy drink, “Who’s Your Daddy”, selling it to 55,000 retail stores. His marketing skills are superb and he is known as the active [...]

The Effective Bridge Between Your Clients and Your Product

Ali Mirza is the president of Rose Garden Consulting, a company that helps companies from different sizes develop and scale their sales processes and sales team. Mirza is an accomplished sales coach help small business owners master the art of closing deals. An effective communicator and impactful sales trainer, Mirza has identified the effective bridge [...]

What it Means to Have Consumers as Investors

Starting your own venture is tough because it can’t be done alone. You need a high-quality team, a phenomenal business plan, and most importantly you need investors. But I don’t mean the big, angel investors who can easily step away from a small start-up, I’m talking about loyal consuming customers who truly believe in your […]

I Didn’t Fall to Stay on the Ground, I Fell to Never Trip Again

As an up and coming entrepreneur, you’re petrified, but you’re not alone. Every big shot entrepreneur has failed, but that never stopped them from pursuing their dream. Look at failure as an opportunity to grow and learn from your mistakes and NEVER make those mistakes again.    I’d be willing to mention those successful entrepreneurs […]

YOUNGRY’S Motivation to Inspire Millennials

The age group that surpasses every other generation in the work force and consumer growth are Millennials! Our generation, those born from 1977 and well into the1990’s, total 92 million which is the biggest generation in US history! How awesome is that? Our entire generation is going to be the heart of our economy and […]

3 Essential Tips to Start Your Company

You’re passionate, driven and hungry for success – an entrepreneur at heart. Despite having all the key traits essential to launch your own business, the hardest part is deciding where to start and what to do. I was in your shoes less than a decade ago. Here are the first three steps you take – […]

Respect the Plant: Adelia Carrillo’s Journey in the Cannabis Industry

Adelia Carrillo is the entrepreneur who founded Direct Cannabis Network, a content platform that focuses on the cannabis entrepreneurs, technology and innovation. Due to her personal circumstances and health issues, she became a patient. After using cannabis, Adelia has felt better than ever. Through her experience, Adelia, strives to inspire, lead, and build a community [...]

Insights from a Shark Tank Entrepreneur: The Road to Success

What’s your story? In 2013, I was at a concert, and the speakers were so loud that I ruptured an ear drum. I wore foam earplugs to the next concert I went to, and everything sounded muffled, and I couldn’t hear the music! Afterwards, I started researching hearing protection and acoustic filtering, building prototypes, negotiating […]

The Millennial Overlord: Daniel DiPiazza

Daniel DiPiazza is the entrepreneur who started Rich20Something, an education platform that teaches millennials how to start a business they love, have a positive mindset, and live a blissful life through a non-conventional method. He is an effective communicator who has become successful and rich at 20-something-years old. His main purpose is to demonstrate and […]

Self-confidence a secret to professional success

How to achieve success? This is the question everyone tends to ask themselves at some point in their lives, yet not many actually find the answer, and they keep struggling, dreaming of a better tomorrow. Today, I would like to show you a secret method, known for decades, which every successful man has used to […]

What I’ve Learned from Bootstrapping a Multi-Million Dollar Startup

The way I see it, if you aren’t prepared to go for broke, then what the hell are you doing starting a business? Launching a company is risky. It’s expensive, costing you tons of time and money. Startups fail every day and no matter how original your idea is, there are a million factors outside […]

How to use Facebook Live to grow an audience

Facebook Live is a big opportunity that content creators need to be capitalizing on ! As audiences demand a more authentic and real-time experience live streaming is becoming increasingly popular. Live sessions allow the audience to interact real-time and this a unique environment to be in. If you can engineer a facebook live experience to […]


What would be the one thing you would warn all first time entrepreneurs? The One thing I would warn new entrepreneurs is “don’t do it thinking you will get rich/successful overnight”. Do not become an entrepreneur simply because you think it is a “get rich fast type of hustle because it isn’t”. Describe the physical […]

How eSports meet our expectations for competition

It’s no secret that the internet has changed our lives.  Our phones not only make calls, they connect us to Facebook, provide driving directions, and, with just a swipe or two, they can help us find romance.  These free online services are now things that we’ve come to expect as technology continually evolves.   Esports, […]

Why Las Vegas Is Thriving and What’s Up Next

With no state income tax and no state corporate tax, it’s no secret that Nevada is an entrepreneur God-send. The state statutes (Nevada Revised Statutes NRS) are so business-friendly that the only remedy a judgement creditor has against a Nevada LLC is a charging order…seriously. Aside from all the obvious business perks, Nevada and it’s […]

How to stay relevant with the press after a crowdfunding campaign

We all know how important media attention is for a new business – especially one that launches with crowdfunding. Getting press will help you drive potential backers to your campaign page, and it will also give you credibility with people who have never heard of you.  Your crowdfunding campaign creates a great hook to get […]

What Being an Expert Really Means

The year is 1961 and John F. Kennedy has just been elected President of the United States. The youngest president ever elected at 43, some are concerned that he’s too young, inexperienced, and disconnected from reality to handle the nuclear launch codes, and the Cold War. Coming into office, Eisenhower mentions that a plan to […]