6 Effective Ways to Develop your Video Marketing Strategy

When most people think of marketing, they think of simple ads that get straight to the point very quickly. However, there are a few whose first thought on the premise of marketing are video ads or video marketing. These usually appear on TV or even, for example, right before a clip is played on YouTube. [...]

Empowering the Abundance Creators of the World

Mike Maples Jr. is an entrepreneur, prolific investor for start-ups. Maples Jr. helped launch and invest in companies like Chegg, Twitter, Lyft, and many more through the company he partnered called FLODDGATE, a company that invests in the top “point one percent” companies helping them realize their exceptional results. Being an operator himself, the entrepreneur [...]

Why Shark Tank’s Mr. Wonderful Loves Royalty Based Funding

Kevin O’Leary, famously known as Mr. Wonderful from the Television series Shark Tank, is no stranger to business investments. He has built a small empire by investing in other businesses, as well as launching successful ventures of his own. One of the main financing tactics he uses when investing in other businesses is royalty based […]

5 New e-commerce technology and innovations in popularity of online shopping

Leaders in the e-commerce industry are always pushing boundaries by consistently implementing new technologies, testing new growth initiatives as well as improving shopper engagement. In this article, we are going to discuss 5 new things every business owner needs to address before achieving growth online and in-store. If you don’t do these things, it would […]

Overcoming Your Financial Fears To Follow Your Entrepreneurial Dreams

Many people have the desire to embrace financial independence by launching their own businesses. The biggest fear holding them back is not failure, but finances. Financial Fears People who have the entrepreneurial spirit are under the impression that launching a business involves a lot of money. They have financial fears that in order to get […]

Predicting the Next 5 Years for Equity Crowdfunding

I had just returned from a quick joyride in Doc Brown’s “renovated” DeLorean when I received an email from the eminent Ash Kumra, asking me to pen an article predicting the next 5 years of equity crowdfunding. The timing could not have been more perfect. As luck would have it, my travels had just taken […]

Lunch and Learn with Newchip

Ryan Rafols and Travis Brodeen are influential visionaries and the co-founders of Newchip. Newchip is a marketplace that consolidates investment opportunities and allows users to track and manage their investments. Ryan Rafols                                               […]

The power of a phone call

Our GG Society Fellows have been hearing me say this over and over and OVER again: “how many phone calls have you made today?” I constantly pester them to make more calls. My 5 year old kid is asking me at the end of each day: “How many phone calls have you made today?” She keeps me honest. I asked her […]

Are You ‘Networking’ for All the Wrong Reasons? – Entrepreneur.com

Author: Darrah Brunstein Call it a personal quest, but it’s a mission of mine to help redefine the way people think about the word “networking.” Why? Because “networking” has become synonymous with selfishness, when at its root, I believe it’s about selflessness. I founded an organization in 2011 called Network Under 40 to help young […]

PR Tips: How to Stay Relevant to the Media

Insider tips for getting media exposure In order for your business to succeed, you need steady media exposure. To do this, it’s important to stay relevant. Stay in touch with what’s currently going on in the media and utilize that to create new, timely angles and ideas to pitch to journalists and producers. Always review and […]

Snapchat IPO Recap

The last couple of weeks buzzed with excitement for the Snap IPO and Snap did not disappoint. In one day the tech company raised $3.4 billion during its initial public offering. That is a lot of money. So what led to investors placing $3.4 billion of faith into Snap? It could be Wall Street being […]

Get Your Business Tech Stack In Order (Finally!)

After working with hundreds of customers and colleagues over several years, I’m baffled by what so many of them are hiding. On the surface, they may possess a beautiful website or app, consider themselves quite tech savvy, or they could even be making millions of dollars…. but when I take a look at their technology […]

Five Things To Know Before You Launch An Investment Crowdfunding Campaign

Investment crowdfunding, also called equity crowdfunding, Title III, or Regulation Crowdfunding, is the raising of capital online in exchange for a return on investment, is growing quickly in popularity. In the six months since it became legal, nearly $13 million has been raised. If you’re thinking about conducting an investment crowdfunding campaign, here are five […]