Millionaire Entrepreneur Timothy Sykes Has Committed to Build 1,000 Schools

Richard Lorenzen By on September 11, 2017

Tim Sykes dedicated his life to being a millionaire stock trader and teacher. Running the largest online training academy for penny stocks, his life has been dedicated to helping others succeed in the stock market, coaching several millionaire students to stock market success. It wasn’t until recently that he realized a passion of his that he had previously neglected to tap into.

Realizing his passion for education and the importance of giving back, Tim decided to launch the Timothy Sykes Foundation, whose mission is to build schools for underprivileged youth globally. Access to a proper education is a worldwide epidemic, and Tim Sykes is dedicated to building 1,000 to give kids access to education opportunities worldwide.


The Launch of a New Chapter

Once Tim decided to launch his foundation, this opportunity opened doors that he never knew were possible. The goal of the Timothy Sykes Foundation is to further the education opportunities to underprivileged children in impoverished areas throughout the world. 122 million youth around the world are illiterate, and it’s Tim’s mission to decrease that number drastically by providing opportunities to kids who have never been educated. The foundation provides children of all ages and grade levels access to a well-rounded education. With over 35 schools built/in development in nearly a dozen countries worldwide, the foundation’s long-term goal is to build 1,000 schools for the millions of children lacking basic math and writing skills across the globe. “It is by far the most fulfilling idea I’ve ever had,” Tim says.

Shortly after the launch, the foundation made a $1 million donation to the global education organization Pencils of Promise, which was their largest charitable donation to date (surpassing Justin Bieber). This donation directly supported the building of schools in Cambodia and Laos, as well as educational programming to help underprivileged children receive life changing education opportunities. The foundation has also made generous donations to organizations including Make-A-Wish, The Boys & Girls Club, Pan Mass Challenge, The Bali Children’s Project, amongst others.


Paving the Path to Success

Soon after his charitable dedication to building the schools began; Tim made a visit to the kids in Asia, and became increasingly moved by the impact he was making and the energy of the kids affected by the donation. Seeing the poverty that they grew up in, and the lack of opportunity that they were given, he quickly knew how important their charitable work was to these kids, and the impactful difference they were already making, and knew he had to keep doing all that he could for these kids. You can’t choose where you come from, but with the right tools and support, The Timothy Sykes Foundation, there is a possibility for these kids to get a chance at a proper education.

Tim and the foundation are continuing to make strides toward their goal of building 1,000 schools for children in need. “This is just the beginning,” Tim says. “I really will build 1,000+ schools; we are just getting started.” After about a year of planning and construction, the Foundation recently opened “The Tim Grittani School” named after Tim’s top student who turned $1,500 of his own money, roughly 6 years ago, to now closing in on $5 million in profits.

In addition to building schools, The Timothy Sykes Foundation has also committed to building a Scholarship House, a soccer stadium and hospital to further the extracurricular opportunities for kids. The Timothy Sykes Foundation has no signs of stopping. Committed to furthering the education of underprivileged youth, Tim continues to exemplify the fact that there is nothing more rewarding than giving back.