Mastering the Abundance Mentality

Sasha Speer By on October 12, 2017

Let’s face it, life is better when you are rich. You can afford to be healthy, spend quality time with loved ones, explore the world, give back, and not juggle EVERYTHING to keep the house clean and the children fed. But, how do we welcome that into our lives if we don’t have that kind of wealth?

If only by opening our arms and screaming, “Look at me! I am ready for wealth to rain down on me already! Give me all you got,” at the top of our lungs could accumulate wealth.  

Thankfully, it’s almost that easy, but it’s only possible when the work starts from within.

Before we claim what we desire, we must first clear a path for it to arrive. This can be seen, as simply parking your car. To park, there must first be a clear and direct path. It’s that simple. The problem is that many of us are walking around with cones, fences, and rabid dogs guarding the parking spot and preventing any abundance from entering without even realizing it. All the while screaming, “Give me all you got” and trying to figure out why it’s not showing up.

We must first clear these obstacles before any abundance can park itself in our spot. This comes from first facing any non-truths you have about money that have turned into the dreaded FEAR. These are things such as, “All rich people are selfish a-holes,” “I don’t know what to do with large amounts of money,” “My friends won’t love me if I start making too much money,” and so forth.

These false beliefs usually show up as the thing that stands between you and your aspirations: the fear to move forward. Notice, what you begin to hear from your inner dialogue when you see someone wealthy on TV or at a party. It’s negativity, it’s resistance to accept and accumulate. What you are against from them reflects YOUR inner resistance to everything else. It is necessary to recognize this habit. Recognizing it is KEY to releasing it. To exterminate this negative and false belief that rids you of any opportunity to accept an abundance of your life, the opportunity to excel and accumulate.

Once you know what it is, you can identify it when these thought processes come up and give it a, “No thank you, not today,” and CHOOSE instead what you desire to think. This is likely the opposite of fear. So, if you have been feeling that, “All rich people are selfish,” you can instead replace that limiting thought with, “Rich people are generous.” The new statement may sound odd at first – after all, you are changing a habitual thinking pattern that has been constructed for most of your life.

To build your new thought pattern, you must treat it like building a muscle – through consistent repetition. Make a point to start with your new statement each day, and repeat it at least two more times throughout the day. Do this for a week, and notice the shift. Notice how much easier wealth comes to you – in all forms: money, love, and even free gifts!

The fear will subside, the hard work will lessen, and what has really been yours all along will plop into your lap like a cute puppy eager for affection.

So, let down that guard. Let that abundance in – starting now.