Whether you’ve heard it before or not, there is most definitely a correlation and if you don’t believe me, I challenge you to try it.

Your life demands certain levels of organization.

Think about your office. Why do you have a desk? It’s there so you have a place to actually be productive. Your pens, notepads, post-its, files and phone all have a home. If they were in a different place every day, you would spend most of your time searching for your tools, rather than building something great with them.

Think about your living room. What is on your coffee table? Don’t have one – SMH – get one! Every guest notices what you have on your coffee table. Do you want people to know that they can smoke in your home- have an ashtray; do you want women to think you’re intelligent and don’t spend time watching tv – have some books on the table, and choose them wisely your guest will notice the names of the books; do you want people to think you care about the longevity of your furniture – purchase some coasters, and yes use them, you won’t regret it…

The most important rule… Make sure everything goes back to the correct & organized place you’ve set for it, once you’ve used it.

As you repeat this practice daily, you will develop an excellent habit: the ability to effortlessly control the chaos in the exact manner that you want.

Everything from your kitchen cupboards, to your nightstand to your medicine cabinet can benefit from a certain level of spatial organization. All of your personal spaces including your home, your office, and even your car need this type of management.

But let’s put all this “practical” advice to use in regards to something that matters to you.

Listen, I’m sure there is a good reason why the dishes in the sink haven’t been cleaned since Sunday or why there are dirty clothes all over your room. But to be quite frank, no guest (cough date you bring home cough) cares about how relevant your reasons are – if they walk in and smell anything other than the scent of your Awesome Self-Branded Cologne (which we will help you develop by the way) they are going to immediately lose all interest in you – without any chance of redemption.

Maybe that example didn’t convince you, replace “guest” with investor or bank underwriter and imagine what they’re going to think of you if they walked through your place this very moment

Keeping your personal spaces in order as a force of habit will improve your life in multiple ways. It changes everything from your ability to focus on adding value to your daily tasks and long term projects to leaving a lasting impression on friends, sexual partners, and associates.