Lunch and Learn with Dara Albright

Dara Albright By on March 20, 2017

Dara Albright is one of the leading pioneers in the crowdfinance movement. She writes and speaks about injustice in the financial field and is helping cultivate the crowdfunding industry.

Questions Asked:

  • What is the best type of companies you have seen that succeed with equity crowdfunding? (5:30)
  • How do you explain Bitcoin for someone new to it? (13:08)
  • How do you feel about universal currency? (14:25)
  • Question on valuation for equity crowdfunding raises. What’s the best metrics to determine this? Is it similar to how you raise money for Seed or later stage/Series A? (19:03)


What You Will Learn:

  • About Fintech and Regtech (3:15)
  • What crowdfinance is and what it is not (3:55)
  • Reward based crowdfunding (8:00)
  • Advantages of crowdfunding (20:16)
  • How media has changed interactions and finance (22:01)
  • Self valuations in equity crowdfunding problems (23:22)
  • Tips for raising capital (26:00)



“Access to capital is becoming more democratized.”

“Go fail, fail your asses off.”

“Through social media we are all becoming consumers, investors, and brand ambassadors.”


Items/People Mentioned:

Elio Motors

Pebble Smartwatch


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