Lunch and Learn- Freddy Del Barrio

Freddy Del Barrio By on April 11, 2017

Freddy Del Barrio is the President and CEO of Campus Watch, an app that creates a safer environment for college campuses. At only 22 years old Del Barrio is capturing the essence of an entrepreneur with decades of experience.  

Questions Asked:

  • How did you first get started in entrepreneurship? (3:20)
  • What are your tips for raising funds for someone who has never done it before? (7:03)
  • How did you take on the lack of experience in terms of being a CEO? (8:02)
  • Top 3 books everyone should read this year? (10:41)
  • What’s your take on the future of Equity crowdfunding? (11:09)
  • What is one thing you know now that you wished you knew when you started your company? (14:39)
  • How can people follow and help your movement with CampusWatch and Newchip? (15:20)
  • What does the term YOUNGRY mean to you? (17:48)
  • What is your take on the value of having a degree for a young entrepreneur (20:30)


What You’ll Learn:

  • Raising funds
  • Steps to successfully create a business
  • The value of a formal education
  • Being a young entrepreneur and the lessons that come with it


Items/People Mentioned:



“We try to create products that appeal to the masses.”

“You have to realize that you don’t know everything.”


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