Lotus HR: The 5 Key Elements to Speed up Your Recruitment Process

Yvonne Foster By on November 18, 2017

When it comes to recruiting the right talent for your organization, you really need to take time to hire the right people. The longer it takes, the more frustrating the entire process would be. But, stay strong, don’t give up. Remain focused all through the process. You will never regret the experience.

Recruitment is a complex task that requires strategic planning, especially when you are bent on hiring top talents. Recruiting is a top job for most employers; some don’t even know what to do or how to do it.

To many employers, filling job vacancies remains an enigma, that is why they will prefer hiring the services of a HR outsourcing agency. Here are the five key elements to speed up your recruitment process.


Choose your recruiters as carefully as you want them to choose your employees.

Take time to select who recruits for your organization. A good recruiter has the skills to recruit suitable candidates that will fill up job positions from an abundance of applications. But positions requiring specialized skills like developers, website designers, executive assistants, etc. may require the expertise of a senior recruiting professional.

A recruiter with industry experience will know exactly during the recruitment process who is more qualified to fill up a specific vacant position. Your organizations’ success depends, to a large extent, on who you are working with.

So, a good recruiter will make sure you hire the right people. A good recruiter will hire the people that will drive your vision, not people that will kill it.


Centralize your recruiting process.

Recruiting is a very complex work. When it comes to recruiting the right workforce for your organization, you need to have a concerted and centralized recruiting process. Talk with your team of highly experienced recruiters about this, so that they will guide you correctly.


Focus on internet-based recruiting and employee referrals.

Many organizations love working with those referred to them by employees in their companies. Referrals tend to be credible, reliable, hard working and efficient- they are often people of proven integrity that is why those recommending them for the job vacancy can vouch for them.

To attract quality referrals, many recruiters offer some incentives to their employees for recommending quality people from their network of friends. This is why some job seekers tell their friends, and family when they are looking for jobs, so that as soon as they see a new opportunity they will simply alert them.

Go online and ask your friends to suggest quality friends that might fill up the job openings in your organization. Check out the reviews of most recruitment firms online, and hire the one users recommend most.


Determine which sources provide the Best candidates.

One of the strengthening efforts you should engage in is knowing where your best workforce is coming from. Check out the employees you have at the moment and ask yourself if your high performers are coming from Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn job boards etc?

You can analyze your recruiting source simply by knowing the number of applicants it has generated overtime as well as the retention of those applicants.

This analysis is necessary for you. With it, you can know the source that is sending you highly effective and promising prospects and the ones that are not.


Keep your standards high, even when the pressure is on.

During the hiring process, you need to be careful not to sacrifice hiring the right talent simply because you can’t afford them. It is better you hire two highly qualified people, and manage them to do the work of four to five people, and increase their salary a bit, rather than hiring four or more people who are either unqualified or unfit to do the job.

When you do that you will defeat the object of hiring the right people. Experience has shown that the only people that will bring the needed transformative change in an organization is when you hire the right people.

So, the summary of what we are saying is that you should ensure you attract good talent to your business. Also, during the recruitment process, don’t be too forward. Take time to select the real people that can do the available work.

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