The Skim: Lil Dicky knows how to tell a story through rap music. But he’s also creative and talented enough to do it in a way that makes you gravitate toward him. He is a lyrical wordsmith that is funny, but he is more than just that. Expect Lil Dicky to command more and more respect in the rap game moving forward.

The first time I heard of Lil Dicky was after a Youtube video had concluded and his Sway in the morning freestyle popped up as a recommended video to watch next. So I watched it. And thought nothing more than “he had some cool punchlines.” To be honest I wasn’t really paying attention to it all that well because I’m a multitasking millennial.

Fast forward a few weeks and an uber driver is picking me up. A hip uber driver. He asked me what I wanted to listen to and I told him to play whatever music he was currently vibing to. He said “do you know who Lil Dicky is?”

“Yea he’s alright” I responded. Then the driver said “alright? The dude can spit!” And sure enough he put on the same Sway in the morning freestyle. This time I listened to about 50% of it and came to the realization that Lil Dicky could in fact “spit” meaning rap. Then my friend Mark sent me a link to another Lil Dicky song about a week later and I brushed it off because I was working.

Later that day, I decided to look him up on Spotify. I’m the type of person that likes to listen to complete albums instead of listening to a one off song. I believe it gives you a better representation of who the artist is. Plus, I devour content. So I put on the album and sure enough, I was amazed.

Lil Dicky
Lil Dicky

The first song that grabbed my attention was “Professional Rapper.” In this song Lil Dicky gets interviewed by Snoop Dogg about becoming a professional rapper. Snoop Dogg asks Lil Dicky what qualifies him to be a rapper. Snoop Dogg pigeon holes rap as a genre with the usual stereotypes and Lil Dicky explains how he is unconventional and an outlier in the rap game. He goes into great detail about how he plans to make his own lane.

I didn’t get far into the album before having to do more work. But that song captivated me. I myself am a fan of lyrics. Awesome beats and star studded collaborations are cool and all but I prefer to listen to a story when it comes to rap music. That’s probably why I’m a big J-Cole fan. Not to put Dicky anywhere near J-Cole in a sentence but Dicky can tell one hell of a story.


A couple weeks later a few of my friends were visiting from Chicago and before we were going to go out on the town we were pre-gaming while watching videos through the Youtube app on Apple TV. I wanted to show them the Professional Rapper song so they could here the lyrics but I stumbled upon something so much better. The video. 

Actually multiple awesome videos of Lil Dicky telling stories that the average person could actually relate to. It wasn’t about the stereotypical rap themes. Once again, not to pigeon hole an industry but a lot of what people think about rap on the surface is guns, expensive jewelry, and model women. Things that most people can’t relate to.

Lil Dicky paints a picture of things people can relate to and he does it in a funny and amusing way. In his song “Lemme Freak” he talks about what guys are willing to go through in order to hookup with a girl.

In the song “White Crime” he talks about how he has committed crime as well. To a much lesser degree. For example he has filled up a water cup with soda. Something a lot of people can relate to.

I even realized that the “Save that Money” song wasn’t Fetty Waps song like I originally thought. He only has a small feature in it. And once again he talks about something people can relate to. Being frugal. To prove it, he even crowd funded the video which turned out to be hilarious.


The thing that I realized is he’s different than any rapper I’ve heard before. He is genuine in the sense that he’s goofy and he is open with how he feels and his opinions. His music comes across as relatable. It’s truly something that the average person can relate to, and laugh at. However his lyrical ability is what sets him apart. He isn’t just saying things that people agree with and laugh at. He’s saying them in a truly amazing way lyrically.

My favorite is the song “Pillow Talking” in which he explains communication breakdowns between the opposite gender. This song is also creatively impressive because he raps as himself, the girl, and his brain. Don’t take my word for it. Click and check it out.