Learn to be a Better Version of Yourself: YOUNGRY™ Summit

Jocelyn Contreras By on September 26, 2017

Erik Huberman is an entrepreneur and expert in sales, digital marketing and e-commerce. He is the expert to discuss you plans in brand and marketing. Erik has nurtured the growth of companies and can execute a strategy that has all eyes on your webpage! The founder of Hawke Media, a media company that creates sales, marketing and e-commerce strategy that will maximize the visibility of your company, will be present at YOUNGRY’s Summit. They have worked with big companies like Verizon, Red Bull, Evite, Planet Blue and many more companies! Erik will bring forth knowledge all about creating a modern-age visibility to your company. Whether you are some company owner years into your business or are about to start your company, or don’t even know where to start, Erik will tell you the secrets of transforming and growing your business. Learn the tricks of making your business visible to the eyes of your target audience or a new audience! Accelerate your business growth through advice and knowledge these mentors bring to the table. Come out to the YOUNGRY Summit to start your successful journey now! Order your tickets here!


Daniel Kasidi is the creative designer and entrepreneur behind RASTACLAT, the shoe laced bracelet that spreads positive vibrations throughout the globe. In Kasidi’s case, entrepreneurship was a spark from a young age that led to his creativity to blossom from his love of skateboarding to a mission bigger than the monetary aspect. This young man, born in Kenya and raised in the U.S., is the entrepreneur who multiplied a positive vibration for every person his bracelet touched. A friendly fashion turned into an impactful movement. From being driven by the monetary aspect, Kasidi learned the significance of the movement he created. He heard stories from the individuals who bought and wore his bracelets—and that was enough to shift his focus to hustle just for that: positivity. Kasidi will bring so much to the Summit, that you must be there to experience his insightful and positive experience! Be inspired to create an impact worth much more than the money you will make. Start a business that has a purpose. Come out to the YOUNGRY Summit and absorb his positive attitude in life, his inspiring experience, and his insightful wisdom! Order your tickets here!


Rob Fajardo is the 23-year-old entrepreneur, speaker, business accelerator, and millennial influencer. He is the founder of Leave Normal Behind (LNB), a content, community, and events center that is a space for driven people, and the host of LNB Tv. Rob is the partner of marketing behind the virality of fidget spinners along with a 300 million user network on social media. His main purpose is to inspire his members to become the best version of themselves to create something that truly matters in hopes that others will continue this tradition. Rob is inspired to bring the millennial perspective in trending topics on his show LNB Tv like politics, technology, business, world news, innovation, social impact, and personal growth. Come out to the YOUNGRY Summit to learn from the top millennials who has gained so much experience and perspective through his accomplishments. Remember, no one starts out successful—it is the people who are driven and persevere to succeed all the while making an impact. Want to accelerate your business and are a purpose driven person, then come out to the conference and meet supportive, successful, and genuine mentors at the summit. Order your tickets here!