The Largest Entrepreneur Summit in SoCal is Coming to Irvine

Jocelyn Contreras By on October 4, 2017

This is going to be epic! This summit is going to be the largest entrepreneur summit in SoCal and it’s coming to Irvine! Learn to be a serial entrepreneur through the mentorship and guidance of famous, successful, and inspiring, leading entrepreneurs.

This is an opportunity of a lifetime. You will get to connect and network with entrepreneurs, investors, like-minded people, mentors, and new business partners. You will be inspired to step into your entrepreneurial venture and gain a hustle mindset. The whole purpose of YOUNGRY’s Summit is to guide you with the best possible resources that will lead you to success. That’s all we want: YOUR Success. Since YOUNGRY is all about you—make this experience worthwhile by joining us with special and inspiring guest speakers like Ryan Blair, a leading investor, entrepreneur, and best-selling author; Kimberly Snyder, wellness and nutritionist blogger, wellness expert on The Today Show, and best-selling author; and impactful entrepreneurs like Daniel Kasidi, the leading entrepreneur who founded RASTACLAT, a company that created a movement of positivity through a shoelace bracelet.

Bringing you an intimate setting to get personal with these entrepreneurs who have been exactly where you are. Whether that be doubting yourself to jump into your entrepreneurial venture or have no clue where to start to gain momentum to half-way into your business and you don’t know the right tools to crowdfund or gain social media impact. All your problems, personal and entrepreneurial, will be answered at the YOUNGRY Summit! Each entrepreneur has been in your shoes and empathize with you—that is the sole reason why they are out here trying to help you not make the same mistakes or face the same challenges they did! There are probably tons of questions you have about marketing, scaling, targeting your audience, crowd funding, investing, and so much more. The YOUNGRY Summit will provide you an intimate space to get to know the entrepreneurs and answer all the questions you have! They’re human just like you and really want the best for you. These mentorship sessions are structured to provide you the utmost guidance to fine tune your direction and business plan. Hell! You can even bring your business plan and ask one of us to read it and give critical feedback or even invest in your business. This is a chance for you to get not only close to the most recognized and influential entrepreneurs, but to make a valuable transition in your life: taking the initiative to get involved in the entrepreneurial space.

I know, I know the price is remarkable since it’s pretty much less than half of what you would pay for at some other summit. But seriously, we tried to make it as accessible as possible to create the next generation of impacting, selfless, and YOUNGRY entrepreneurs. So, think BIG, take the initiative to step out of your comfort zone, receive critical feedback, and gain life-changing insight from influential entrepreneurs who have been there. Trust me. They have been there, but remained focused, persevered, and most importantly stayed YOUNGRY.