How to Growth Hack a Blog

Vanessa Ganaden By on February 8, 2017
A blog is a useful tool in both helping to define your brand and increasing your brand awareness. It is also an effective way to communicate to your audience that you’re really passionate about what you’re doing.
So how do you build a blog with top-notch content and domain authority quickly?
Find an influencer in your industry looking for a blog. You’d be surprised by how many social media influencers these days with 100k+ followings on Twitter or 10k+ followings on Instagram that don’t have a blog even though a blog is another distribution channel for that influencer’s content. was lucky to onboard Calvin Lee. He’s a fantastic foodie photographer, guest foodie judge on CNBC’s Who Wants To Be A Millionaire Inventor and a Top 100 Twitter influencer as ranked by StatSocial. You can thank him for many of the mouth-salivating food posts on
Reach out and partner up with bigger bloggers to collaborate. A lot of the content on the blog are restaurant reviews. We often go and review restaurants with well-established food critics like Michael Walsh of EatingAroundSoCal and Robert Brill of DudeLetsEatLA. They help us write better reviews, take better photos, and suggest better ways to market our blog’s content to the audience we want.
Grit, perseverance, and learning the art of writing quickly. There’s no way around it. It takes time and energy to write quality, creative content for your blog. A blog isn’t a once and done. It needs to be updated regularly. Learn to write like a cheetah.
But the payoff is worth it. A well-executed blog will help your startup with search engine optimization (SEO) and increase your footprint on the web. Your top-notch blog may be the first point of contact with a customer and they’ll be impressed. A good blog is a great brand ambassador that serves as your voice. Check out the blog at .