From High School Dropout to Virtual Training Pioneer: Brad Lea Defeats The Odds

Richard Lorenzen By on October 12, 2017

Brad Lea dropped out of school in 11th grade. Would you believe us if we told you that he is now the founder of the world’s largest virtual training platform, LightSpeed VT and even coined the term “virtual training”? Brad is the epitome of someone who took an unlikely situation and turned his life around to create a virtual revolution and a company that is truly making waves in the online training space.

LightSpeed VT now works with some of the biggest brands and organizations in the game and is a pioneer in the virtual and online training space, all because of one guy. But how did he do it?


From Rags to Riches – Your Past Does Not Define You

As a teen, Brad Lea took a bit of a non-traditional path. The combination of dropping out of high school in 11th grade, and a lack of parental guidance, Brad had a very minimal idea of what path he was meant to take. Being forced to grow up quickly and learn things the hard way clearly followed Brad years down the road, as his tenacious and hard-working attitude has followed him as a business owner.

In his twenties, as others his age were just graduating college, looking for a job and realizing they weren’t taught how to make or manage money, Brad had more life skills and experience than most. He used the skills he gained as a teenager to his full advantage as he established the blueprint to follow one of his biggest childhood dreams; becoming an actor.

His plans were interrupted when he was cut from his first movie 3 days before production. He grew sick of being broke and decided to change his mindset and goals. As discouraged as Brad was initially, looking back, he is confident that this diversion put him on the path towards a more sustainable and reliable track.

Deciding to venture into the world of sales, Brad went from job to job, selling everything from cars to artwork. It was during these experiences that he really fine-tuned his sales skills. He perfected the art of the first touch, all the way to the close. He ended up traveling around the country training sales teams from multiple companies.

Once he gained experience training people across the country, Brad quickly realized that traditional training methods that thousands of companies thought were effective, just weren’t working. It was then that Brad decided to create a web-based interactive training system to help him train people more effectively, and LightSpeed VT was born.


Original Virtual Training Pioneers

Established in 2000, Lightspeed VT is the backend training software that powers online training courses for thousands of companies worldwide. As pioneers in the space, they soon emerged as leaders in the industry delivering the best value and the best online virtual training products globally.

They particularly specialize in two areas; content monetization and helping organizations train their staff better. Both solutions will result in an online learning system that can generate large recurring revenue streams for your business. Their virtual training platform is designed to provide organizations with an easy way to create and manage a fully immersive training program almost overnight.

They have maintained their spot as leaders in the space by staying on the cutting edge and making sure that everyone else is following them. Easier said than done, Brad has built a dynamic team that’s grown and maintained the company to what it is today.

“It’s important to be the one who everyone tries to keep up with,” says Brad. “If you stay innovative, listen to the market and not be afraid to make changes, you have a chance to stay on top for a while.”

LightSpeed VT is now based in Las Vegas, NV, boasting 72 employees and counting. There are currently over 2M unique users on the platform from 50,000 companies. Most notably, they provide the backend software that powers online training courses for huge brands and influencers including Grant Cardone, Daymond John, Top Chef, and Anthony Robbins.


Why is Training So Important, Anyway?

Virtual training is the single best ROI a company will have, when done correctly. A lot of companies fail to realize that even though they’re going through the motions training their employees, chances are, their employees aren’t actually being trained in the most effective way possible.

Most employers assume that if they simply expose information to their employees, they’ll learn. This couldn’t be further from the truth. In order to increase revenue, see lower turnover rates and increase your brand value, you have to take the time to train your employees in a way that will stick with them and really empower them to succeed, not just follow the motions.

Brad and the LightSpeed VT team knows that interactive training programs that actually ENGAGE employees and encourage them to be change-makers are what will provide the foundation for organizational success.

In addition to LightSpeed VT, Brad hosts a few popular video and podcast series. The YouTube series The Bottom Line, is an entertaining yet inspiring show that teaches viewers about “lessons learned.” The show aims to give viewers a heads up on everything from business to life, but most importantly, make you smile. Brad’s podcast, Dropping Bombs gives actionable advice and insight in multiple areas of business and self-development.

The combination of Brad’s impeccable wit and business savvy has proved him as a thought leader, inspiring business owner, and tech innovator. His story inspires us to never forget that your past does not necessarily dictate your future and that we can truly become anything we want to, and in turn, inspiring others to do the same.