Growth Hacking with Facebook Groups

Vincent Vitale By on February 27, 2017

Last week I wrote about how to interview and hire a growth hacker. This week I’m writing about how to actually growth hack. One easy way is by utilizing Facebook.

Yes, everyone has heard of Facebook I’m sure. For that one person that may not have heard of it, it’s simply the biggest social network that has ever existed. Now, it has turned into so much more. A messaging platform, it owns Instagram and Whatsapp. Facebook could soon even be providing the world with internet. 

Facebook is broken down into several components. There’s the social media platform, “Facebook.” There’s the incredible video portal that allows your content to be seen by tons of people “Facebook Live.” They even have arguable the best advertising program with “Facebook Ads.” What I want to talk to you about is very different however. I want to talk about, Facebook Groups.

What a lot of people don’t know about Facebook is that Facebook “Groups” exist. Facebook Groups are basically pockets of people that are segmented by a certain genre. For instance, if you live in Laguna Beach like I used to, you are probably a member of the “Laguna Locals” Facebook group. This group is for people that live locally in Laguna Beach. People post offers, local specials, news, ideas, etc that involve the city of Laguna Beach into this group.

What’s really cool is anyone can start these groups, and there are different administrative regimes in each group. Some groups you can join easily because they’re public. Other groups are private and you have to request access to join. Another difference is how groups are moderated. For instance some administrators let their group be a free flow of discussion and posting. Other administrators review every single post before allowing people’s posts to be published.

The important take away from this and why this is very growth hackable is because some of these groups contains hundreds if not thousands of people that all joined the group to be a part of a particular segment. If I was running a coffee shop in Laguna Beach and wanted to reach people that lived in Laguna FOR FREE, I would post a special into the “Laguna Locals” group.

I would do this because hundreds of people who live in Laguna are a part of this group. Easy reach just by posting into a Facebook Group.

I guarantee there is a Facebook Group that is applicable to your business. Now you just have to be creative enough to sway the admin and reach the masses effectively without coming off as a car salesman.