How to Get the Best Venture Capitalist Avoiding the BS

Ankur K Garg By on August 23, 2017

Ryan Blair is the leading entrepreneur who has overcome adversity and is focused on teaching young entrepreneurs as well as every single person willing to listen how to live an effective and meaningful life. Blair is co-founder and CEO of the multi-level marketing company ViSalus Sciences, a company that manages weight nutritional products. He is also the author of two books: Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain and Rock Bottom to Rock Star: Lessons from the Business School of Hard Knocks. He created companies from form a young age and sold numerous companies. A valuable mentor and entrepreneur with knowledgeable advice. Here is his advice to YOUNGRY folks how to know the best Venture Capitalists (VC) in sight.  


What You Will Learn from this Interview:

  1. How Ryan Blair gave his novel to a friend of his in the Korean language and his life changed completely. He’s making tens of millions now.
  2. His love for documentaries and he has invested in similar companies as well as his friend’s, Andrew Sandler’s, venture in films.
  3. What YOUNGRY means to him and how he is also YOUNGRY. He has a lot of entrepreneurs who he works with and invests in. Ryan is a little kid at heart.
  4. How he has VC funds, special products they are working on he is on total acquisition.
  5. How he had a VC mentor who taught him how to sell in millions at the age of 24.
  6. Ryan’s perspective of VCs and how most of them are inadequate when it comes to evaluating an entrepreneur. He gives advice on how to identify the good VCs that ask the difficult questions to toughen you up.
  7. Ryan Blair has a great team around him. He is amazed that Ankur Garg started a great company from a $5,000.
  8. The struggle of being an entrepreneur. Ryan’s whole point of investing in an entrepreneur is not for them to place the money in their bank, but rather use it for their product as well as their consumers—grow your business.


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