What comes to mind when you think of gamers? How about when you think of entrepreneurs? If you’re like most people, the two mental images seem very different- largely due to stereotypes. Many individuals stereotypically think of entrepreneurs as being these larger-than-life figures that do things that “ordinary” folk can’t. While it’s undeniably true that entrepreneurs do things that many people would never even consider possible, at the end of the day they’re still human. The primary distinction between entrepreneurs and others is largely that of mindset – there’s almost no limit with entrepreneurs!

This mindset of anything being possible with hard work leads to a whole process of positive habits, actions, and creativity that allow for success. Consider this – you have an idea that you think is going to be the next big thing. What happens next? You get to work. You do the research, the grunt work, the fun stuff. You strategize, make creative choices and essentially carve out your own path. Basically, you develop hustle, learn all that you need to, make strategic decisions and work like you’ve never worked before to achieve your goal. In my opinion, this hustle and creative thinking are the primary attributes that allow entrepreneurs to achieve these seemingly herculean tasks.

So how does that tie into gaming? Gamers are an irrefutably passionate group; ask any gamer what they love about it/when they realized it was a passion of theirs and, similar to entrepreneurs, you’ll likely see some of the most genuine excitement you’re going to see in a long time. That being said, most gamers, regardless of how hard they “pwn” at their games now, were new (noobs) when they started playing. How did they get good? They knew the end goal (to be good at the game) and were certain that it was achievable with hard work. The gamer started playing the game with little to no knowledge of what’s happening but attained the necessary information, started making strategic decisions (strategy is a part of any game you can think of), and hustled (especially in those skill-grinding games…) to achieve their goals. As you can see, gamers have way more in common with entrepreneurs than you’d expect. Both groups have endless passion for what they do and hustle like no other to reach their goals; given the increasing popularity of gaming, I wouldn’t be surprised to see many more founders who spend their free time gaming.