The Future is Tech for Everyone: Codeverse

Ash Kumra By on September 11, 2017

Katy Lynch is the co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer at Codeverse, the start-up that has scaled up to be the first educational technology platform that teaches kids in an immersive and interactive way of coding. Katy was CEO of Techweek, a leading technology conference, and has now moved on to bringing equity to the field after hosting and moderating a panel of filmmakers who made the documentary, “Code: Debugging the Gender Gap.” Through this panel and discussing the low rate of marginalized groups and women not involved in the STEM field, Katy, a woman in tech herself, felt disappointment and wanted to change the future. Katy’s mission and Codeverse, is to teach one billion children how to code since the future is technology. Here is the journey of Codeverse and the value Katy holds in technology and the future generations.

What You’ll Learn from the Interview:

  1. The vision of Codeverse. How it all began from humble beginnings and a passion for bringing forth coding as a part of a great education.
  2. How Chicago, Illinois has as awesome tech ecosystem. Katy’s move from the UK to Chicago ten years ago with no entrepreneurial background. She learned from her previous company and her own start-up, how to operate a business.
  3. She became CEO of Techweek and spent most of her time connecting with leaders from a variety of industries. Hosting a panel of filmmakers who made the documentary “Code: Debugging the Gender Gap,” inspired her to do something about the fall out in minorities and women in the STEM field.
  4. Lacy explains how the tech industry is an exciting venture everyone should be involved in. As a woman in tech herself, Lacy co-founded Codeverse and they have created an easy to use language called KidScript for children to understand the programing language without the unnecessary complexities.
  5. How her and Craig brought the best of the best to create the company. They were driven and wanted to make an impact, but first, they had to start with the structure of their company through their founders. They solidified their core team members.
  6. Once the team members were all passionate and with the same mission instilled, Katy and their team tapped into the community of Chicago. They notified parents, schools, teachers, and libraries to construct the best structure for children to learn how to code.
  7. Katy discusses how Chicago has the best ecosystem: it has everything. The ecosystem is great due to its diversity, phenomenal entrepreneurs and engineers, Venture Capitalists, and most importantly the passionate individuals willing to lend a helping hand to lead Chicago as the best Tech City. The determination and hard-working values are instilled in the people of Chicago.
  8. Education, in the future will be online, but the interactive and immersive space is necessary for children to gain experience and learn how the world as well as technology works. Kids are growing up in a different world, a digital age, that coding is an important stepping stone whatever their future may be. It is a necessary asset.

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