Do What You Are

Navjot Dhaliwal By on February 21, 2017

So here you are, you just graduated with your 4-year degree and you’re wondering what to with your life. Up until this point, you were given a syllabus before every class letting you know what to expect and what the professor is expecting from you in order to get that nice shiny grade at the end of the quarter/semester. But now you’re in the real world- the working world, no syllabus to be found. Unless if you have plans to attend graduate school right away (which I’ve noticed the majority doesn’t), it can be a little scary and confusing putting yourself out there. I am here to let you know to take some time to decide if grad school is for you, or if you’d rather learn and grow successful in other ventures. In order to figure out what you want in your life from this point on, I encourage you to get out of your comfort zone, take chances, and learn more about your inner self.

1)  Take some time to write down 5-10 things that you are naturally good at and love doing! Surprisingly, this task may not be as simple as you think because we tend to look over our positive attributes that have been with us since day one. Ask yourself, “What do I do naturally, with ease, that I enjoy?” “What is something that I possess internally that I can bring out into the world?” “What would I do with my life if money was no object?” Remember, you can turn anything into a business.

2)  Find your passions. This may come easy or hard for some, depending on how much time you have dedicated to paying attention to what makes you excited to be alive. If you could close your eyes and do anything for this world (without thinking of the money first), what would it be? Once you are an expert at doing what you love and hustle to do it, the money will always flow in.

3)  Do some research on some careers that you believe would include these attributes and passions. I encourage you to write everything down in a journal and take some time to explore the infinite options that have been provided to us!

4)  The trial-and-error period. Get out there and gain wisdom through mentors in those industries or internships. Or if you land a paid-position, even better! Remember to go in with no expectations besides absorbing knowledge and experience to find out what you want. Even if you do not like a position you get, it ends up teaching you want you want by letting you know what you do not want. You will be closer and closer to figuring out your dream, setting goals, and getting to know what you want out of this life.

5)  This may sound cliché, but NEVER GIVE UP on finding your purpose. Knowing what you want out of this life is very important. It is a process and through this process is how entrepreneurs fire up their momentum to keep hustling, no matter how hard the situations in life get (because they know what they WANT and continue to strive)

All of this may take time, and be okay with that. It will be far more worth it for you to find out what you’re actually doing here than spending your energy forcing yourself to do things that don’t make you happy. Entrepreneurship is a dedication to fulfilling your individual uniqueness and passion by developing your personal skills to their highest potential. Knowledge is power, and the more you learn about yourself- the more you will own your power from within.