Creator of the Top Ad of the Century Reveals How He Built a $5M Video Agency

Richard Lorenzen By on November 16, 2017

Utilizing the power of video marketing is a critical strategy to promote, brand, and grow your business online. More users are interacting with videos today than ever before. Travis Chambers, Chief Media Hacker of Chamber Media, drives million in sales for top brands like Kraft, Polaroid, and Amazon. His work has also been featured in Time, Forbes, and AdWeek.

Most notably, Travis led distribution and content strategy for “YouTube’s #1 Ad of the Decade,” Kobe vs. Messi, garnering 140 million views. But how did he do it?

Humble Beginnings

Starting off, Chamber Media was nowhere near the business model it has reached today. Travis explains that they actually stumbled upon their business model on accident.


Travis decided to start an agency after getting laid off of his first job. With experience as a director, producer, writer, and social ad buyer throughout his career, Travis knew he wanted to continue with video production. He started calling everyone he knew, maxed out his credit card, and slowly began signing clients. By the end of the first year, momentum picked up and Travis hired more employees to facilitate the growth he knew he was on the brink of.


At that point, there were a few other players in the video production space, but most were focusing on the “views” metric of video marketing, and weren’t seeing much success, and more importantly, ROI from their efforts.  A premium metric that is more difficult to obtain is shares. Chamber Media capitalized on that metric and shifted their focus to shares, which in turn brought sales. Being ahead of the commoditization point and focusing on the only metric that anyone cared about, which was sales, was the essential key to their success.


At the end of their second year in business, their revenue doubled quarter after quarter and their work was getting featured in Mashable, Buzzfeed, Forbes, etc. Travis knew his unique approach to video marketing was working. He named it, creating “scalable social videos.”

Scalable Social Videos

Generally, people on social media are used to seeing poor quality, hastily made videos on their timelines. These videos are typically lost in the sea of videos, and don’t make much of an impact on their viewers. Chamber Media’s unique, impactful approach includes creating scalable social videos, a term that essentially means large production videos run as ads on Facebook and YouTube that drive millions in sales.


Chamber Media produces and launches the video, and back it by ad spend to promote the video to target audiences in an effort to push shares, and in turn, sales. Often referred to as “the modern infomercial, their videos have driven over $40,000,000 in trackable sales, garnered over 250 million views, 3 million social shares, 15,000 press features, and thousands of brand integrations.


One of their most successful productions, The World Largest Treadmill Dance was produced as part of an ad campaign for NordicTrack. This unique, high-energy video provides users with 2 minutes and 31 seconds of 40 people dancing on treadmills, and garnered 4 million views on YouTube and drove more than $5 million in sales for NordicTrack.


After the video launched, viewers were making their own treadmill dancing videos; even Ellen and America’s Got Talent were doing it. People were not only talking about their videos, but the impact was so massive, viewers wanted to recreate the videos themselves. This is how Chamber Media creates a brand movement through their videos.


As the video production industry continues to pick up speed and the need for videos grows, there are dozens of other companies that are mimicking Chamber Media’s business model. With the credibility and results Travis’ team has established over the past few years with global brands and influencers, increased competition should be no match for the unique value proposition they offer to their clients.


In addition to Chamber Media, Travis regularly speaks about social/web video at conferences such as VidCon, VidSummit, ad:tech, Start Festival, CVX Live and Universities throughout the country. With an impeccable knack for creating videos that make a social impact that sells, we can’t wait to see what Travis’ team does next.