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Lunch and Learn with Phil Laboon

Phil Laboon is the CEO of Eyeflow Internet Marketing and 2016 Inc. MagazineTop 25 Marketing Influencer. He is a self described serial entrepreneur, investor, talk show host, and speaker. Questions Asked: Is growth hacking real or is it  just a buzzword? (1:57) What are the skills you should look for in an in house marketer?

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The First Communication Hack you Need

You have most likely heard of growth hackers, or people who help you find shortcuts to accelerate your social media following. I’m not a growth hacker, but I am a communication hacker. I believe that entrepreneurship is the golden ticket, but communication is the skeleton key. Overlooking the importance of improving your communication skills as

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7 Things I Wish Someone Taught Me When I First Started Marketing Online

$103 billion dollars. This is how much the United States is on track to spend on digital marketing by 2019, as predicted by IronPaper []. Surprised? It makes sense given how advanced, trackable and transparent online marketing is compared to “traditional” offline marketing methods. It’s a small wonder why this is a popular, controllable way

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Lunch and Learn with Shama Hyder

Shama Hyder is the CEO and founder of the Marketing Zen Group, a digital PR and marketing firm. She is a successful author, speaker, and has been honored as one of the top 100 young entrepreneurs in the country, while also making it on Forbes’ 30 under 30 list. Questions Asked: How did you get

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The Unconscious Power of Brands

When we buy something, we like to think we know the reason why. We move through the world feeling in control of our actions; and the decision to purchase something is no different: We think we bought that new product because it had the best features, the best price or the best look. But, as

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Growth-Hacking 101

Growth-hacking is more than just the latest buzzword to sweep through the marketing world. Instead, it’s something that should be of urgent interest to you and your brand. Growth-hacking is the act of accelerating the growth of a brand, service or product through the use of metrics and creative, innovative marketing strategies and state-of-the-art technology.

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Lunch and Learn with Ryan Foland

Ryan Foland is a communications strategist who helps individuals brand themselves more effectively. While working at the University of California, Irvine, Ryan helps startup companies craft their brand using his 3-1-3 coaching system. Questions Asked: How have you built your personal brand while not on facebook? (2:04) What is your take on Snapchat versus Instagram

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PR Tips: 10 Ways to Leverage Instagram Albums for Your Business

Utilize the new feature to increase your visual storytelling capabilities One of the most buzzed about social media changes in 2017 is the new Instagram update known as “Instagram galleries,” “Instagram albums,” or simply “carousel.” You may be familiar with carousel ads, which Instagram had as a paid feature. Now, that same feature is available

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PR Tips: How to Stay Relevant to the Media

Insider tips for getting media exposure In order for your business to succeed, you need steady media exposure. To do this, it’s important to stay relevant. Stay in touch with what’s currently going on in the media and utilize that to create new, timely angles and ideas to pitch to journalists and producers. Always review and

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5 Phases of the Marketing Funnel: From Awareness to Advocacy

As a marketing consultant, I take a diagnostic approach in determining why companies aren’t hitting their goals. All too often companies will assume that their current marketing campaigns just aren’t working (and that certainly may be the case). But there’s typically more beneath the surface that needs to be addressed before we can work on

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8 Reasons Why You Should Start-Up, Starting Today!

For many people, the idea of creating something out of nothing is an incredibly exciting notion, however, the thought of leaving the stability and comfort of a full time job (and all that it entails) quickly puts the kibosh on that daydream. If you are one of those hopeful dreamers with great ideas, and you

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The Magic of Milestones

I’m a huge advocate of goal setting, and I recognize a massive opportunity to have my goals (when set properly) work to my advantage and actually help me in achieving them. The trick with any goal is to set it aggressively, and then break it apart into less intimidating mini-goals, or milestones. Milestones are an

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How to be the Mind Behind “The Next Big Thing”

The overwhelming response I receive when I encourage hopeful entrepreneurs to pursue their dreams and create a start-up is “great- but how do I come up with an idea?” Starting a new venture isn’t as easy as simply deciding to begin; there needs to be a fabulous idea on which a business can be successfully

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Increase Customer Retention By Setting Proper Expectations

The first (and debatably the most important) strategy in customer retention is properly setting expectations. This actually comes during the sales process, rather than afterward, and this element ends up being the downfall of many “talented” salespeople. Set proper expectations. Imagine buying a new SEO service for your website. The sales person, perhaps feeling pressure

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6 Things to Consider Before Starting a Business

For many people, trying to decide if an entrepreneurial venture is worth pursuing is like standing at the edge of a high dive- they question if they should dive right in, or climb back down. The harsh reality is that many failed business ventures began and ended as an idea that needed a little more

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Growth Hacking with Facebook Groups

Last week I wrote about how to interview and hire a growth hacker. This week I’m writing about how to actually growth hack. One easy way is by utilizing Facebook. Yes, everyone has heard of Facebook I’m sure. For that one person that may not have heard of it, it’s simply the biggest social network

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How to Interview and Hire a Growth Hacker

As someone who has “growth hacked” the last 2 years, started a few companies in my (short) day, and is in love with marketing as a whole, I’m writing an article about how to sift through the BS. There is a lot of hype about this buzzword, and a lot of it just that, hype.

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How to Growth Hack a Blog

A blog is a useful tool in both helping to define your brand and increasing your brand awareness. It is also an effective way to communicate to your audience that you’re really passionate about what you’re doing. So how do you build a blog with top-notch content and domain authority quickly? Find an influencer in