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Achieve Your Ultimate Goal

What is that thing you aim to SOMEDAY achieve? Maybe you aspire to write a book, travel the globe, expand your business, get married, or lose that weight. Why is it that this is a SOMEDAY thing and not a TODAY thing? Maybe it seems too hard, will take too long, is overwhelming, seems impossible,

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What Being an Expert Really Means

The year is 1961 and John F. Kennedy has just been elected President of the United States. The youngest president ever elected at 43, some are concerned that he’s too young, inexperienced, and disconnected from reality to handle the nuclear launch codes, and the Cold War. Coming into office, Eisenhower mentions that a plan to

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Journaling Your Future

Why is it that we tend to journal our past and present, but not our future? One might argue that it’s because the future hasn’t ‘happened’ yet. What are we doing though in the present? Aren’t we, in effect, creating our future?   There is a powerful practice in journaling your future as if it

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Lunch and Learn with Ryan Blair

Ryan Blair is the co-founder and and CEO of ViSalus Sciences. On top of being a serial entrepreneur he is also a #1 New York Times best selling author, Nothing To Lose and Everything To Gain: How I Went From Gang Member To Multimillionaire Entrepreneur. Ryan has also released a behind-the-scenes account through his NOTHING TO LOSE Documentary

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The First Communication Hack you Need

You have most likely heard of growth hackers, or people who help you find shortcuts to accelerate your social media following. I’m not a growth hacker, but I am a communication hacker. I believe that entrepreneurship is the golden ticket, but communication is the skeleton key. Overlooking the importance of improving your communication skills as

Achievements Advice Startup Hacks

7 Things I Wish Someone Taught Me When I First Started Marketing Online

$103 billion dollars. This is how much the United States is on track to spend on digital marketing by 2019, as predicted by IronPaper []. Surprised? It makes sense given how advanced, trackable and transparent online marketing is compared to “traditional” offline marketing methods. It’s a small wonder why this is a popular, controllable way

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Youngry Lunch and Learn with Tess Cacciatore

Tess Cacciatore is an award-winning producer, journalist, and social entrepreneur. She was previously the director of the World Trust foundation, and is now the Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of GWEN, the Global Women’s Empowerment Network. Questions Asked: What opportunities in social impact are big opportunities for entrepreneurs? (4:11) For all of the aspiring people