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How to Succeed Outside the Boardroom

 Morgan Jones People tend to love the idea of dating entrepreneurs — they’re driven, passionate, dynamic, always thinking of new ideas, and therefore tend to keep daily life exciting.  However, as a professional matchmaker at Three Day Rule, I’ve learned that entrepreneurs can often have tunnel vision when it comes to anything outside of their

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Finding Peace in the Chaos

Life in this modern, internet-driven world can often seem chaotic, so how do we find any peace in all of it if there is so much to do? Is finding peace even possible? The more the mind senses things are unknown, scary, or lack structure, the more it spins and spins. Peace comes from addressing

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Achieve Your Ultimate Goal

What is that thing you aim to SOMEDAY achieve? Maybe you aspire to write a book, travel the globe, expand your business, get married, or lose that weight. Why is it that this is a SOMEDAY thing and not a TODAY thing? Maybe it seems too hard, will take too long, is overwhelming, seems impossible,

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What Being an Expert Really Means

The year is 1961 and John F. Kennedy has just been elected President of the United States. The youngest president ever elected at 43, some are concerned that he’s too young, inexperienced, and disconnected from reality to handle the nuclear launch codes, and the Cold War. Coming into office, Eisenhower mentions that a plan to

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Your Practical Brand Marketing Strategy

When most people think about a brand marketing strategy, they think about identity. “Who are we as an organization? What should our logo look like? What colors and fonts should we use?” Those are all important things to nail down so that your brand is consistent when distributing public (and internal) communications. However, those things

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Journaling Your Future

Why is it that we tend to journal our past and present, but not our future? One might argue that it’s because the future hasn’t ‘happened’ yet. What are we doing though in the present? Aren’t we, in effect, creating our future?   There is a powerful practice in journaling your future as if it

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Lunch and Learn with John Vitale

John Vitale is the founder of Focus at Will Labs, which helps individuals focus on productivity. His vast background in music and tech allows Focus at Will to succeed as a business. Questions Asked: How did you get into the productivity space? (1:01) What’s up next for Focus At Will Labs? (2:53) What are a

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Lunch and Learn with Max Finn

Maxwell Finn is an entrepreneur, founder, and investor. He is an expert in the field of digital marketing and is also the co-founder of Startup Drugz, a brand for entrepreneurs making startup themed tees, hoodies, posters, mugs and more. Questions Asked: What success lessons have you learned from Kevin Harrington every entrepreneur can learn from?

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Lunch and Learn with Bogdan Constantin

Bogdan Constantin is the co-founder of Menguin Tuxedos, an online website that allows individuals to rent designer tuxedos for an affordable price. He is an expert in disrupting a billion dollar industry, and mastering customer acquisition, as well as scaling startups. Questions Asked: What growth metrics do you use for Menguin? (4:44) How do you

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Lunch and Learn with Phil Laboon

Phil Laboon is the CEO of Eyeflow Internet Marketing and 2016 Inc. MagazineTop 25 Marketing Influencer. He is a self described serial entrepreneur, investor, talk show host, and speaker. Questions Asked: Is growth hacking real or is it  just a buzzword? (1:57) What are the skills you should look for in an in house marketer?

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Predicting the Next 5 Years for Equity Crowdfunding

I had just returned from a quick joyride in Doc Brown’s “renovated” DeLorean when I received an email from the eminent Ash Kumra, asking me to pen an article predicting the next 5 years of equity crowdfunding. The timing could not have been more perfect. As luck would have it, my travels had just taken

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5 Tips for Working with Family

My mom and I, among others, co-founded a startup that provides interpreting services for the Deaf and Hard-of-Hearing seven years ago, when I was 18; I’ve come back to my startup over the years, but in between I’ve worked a few odd-jobs that have made me realize just how strange, exhilarating, confusing, and sometimes suffocating

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Lunch and Learn with Ryan Blair

Ryan Blair is the co-founder and and CEO of ViSalus Sciences. On top of being a serial entrepreneur he is also a #1 New York Times best selling author, Nothing To Lose and Everything To Gain: How I Went From Gang Member To Multimillionaire Entrepreneur. Ryan has also released a behind-the-scenes account through his NOTHING TO LOSE Documentary

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The First Communication Hack you Need

You have most likely heard of growth hackers, or people who help you find shortcuts to accelerate your social media following. I’m not a growth hacker, but I am a communication hacker. I believe that entrepreneurship is the golden ticket, but communication is the skeleton key. Overlooking the importance of improving your communication skills as

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Lunch and Learn with Newchip

Ryan Rafols and Travis Brodeen are influential visionaries and the co-founders of Newchip. Newchip is a marketplace that consolidates investment opportunities and allows users to track and manage their investments. Ryan Rafols                                              

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7 Things I Wish Someone Taught Me When I First Started Marketing Online

$103 billion dollars. This is how much the United States is on track to spend on digital marketing by 2019, as predicted by IronPaper []. Surprised? It makes sense given how advanced, trackable and transparent online marketing is compared to “traditional” offline marketing methods. It’s a small wonder why this is a popular, controllable way

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How to Make the most out of a co-working space

About the author: Taylor Decker is the Director of the Eureka Building in Orange County. After grinding it out in the entertainment industry for the better part of decade, Taylor came to a millennial impasse. With no college degree to speak of but an acumen for business operations and task management she decided to refocus

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Visualizing Your Success and Living Into It

What do you want for your life? I mean really, really want, without consideration for it being too ‘lofty’ of a goal or too ‘unattainable’? Many of us either compromise our goals because we feel like we need to prove something or take multiple steps before we can actually go after our REAL goal; when,

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Lunch and Learn with Robert Kinsler

Robert Kinsler an entrepreneur, founder, and CEO. He is the man behind United Fray, whose mission is to make fun possible through sports leagues, events, fitness, and much more. Their motto is that “play has the power to transform lives, build communities, and create positive impact in the world.” Questions Asked What is one of

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Lunch and Learn with Alexander Mendeluk

Alexander Mendeluk is an actor, public speaker, and entrepreneur. He helps heart-centered entrepreneurs create businesses and lives that help change the world. He is known for his company SpiritHoods which was featured on an episode of Shark Tank. Since selling SpiritHoods last year, he now runs an influencer and brand development agency, called The Disruptive.

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Lunch and Learn with Parveen Panwar

Parveen Panwar is the CEO at VIDAPTIV, an agency that helps brands engage users through actionable and interactive videos. His focus is online advertising and ad tech technology. He has created digital strategies for video branding campaigns and made them successful through distribution plans in the digital landscape. He has started the Activation Movement, created

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Staying Grounded in the Chaos of Entrepreneurship

When I first decided that I was going to build an empire, the last thing I thought about was how I would stay grounded and true to my soul during the process.  I set out to follow a mission and passion close to my heart and assured myself that the rest would fall into place.

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How Marketing Has Changed in the Digital Age

A happy customer who tells his friends about the great service he experienced will bring repeat customers. It has been this way since the beginning of time since the very first deal was made. For years, that is how business was done. You build a reputation over time, little by little each year. Having other people