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What would be the one thing you would warn all first time entrepreneurs? The One thing I would warn new entrepreneurs is “don’t do it thinking you will get rich/successful overnight”. Do not become an entrepreneur simply because you think it is a “get rich fast type of hustle because it isn’t”. Describe the physical

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Why Adidas Won on John Ross

In 2012 Nike became the official uniform provider of the NFL — ever notice how the Northwest team (Seattle) got much cooler uniforms than anyone else? Since then, other sneaker companies have been figuring out how to compete with the juggernaut. Last year Adidas put out an offer — $1,000,000 to any player that can


Can I Kick It? Perspective on footwear in the digital age

Tyler Blake and his business partner woke up early to get to Gillette Stadium. The sun was barely up and 100 eager kids were already lined up to get into the first Sneaker Social. Imagine SXSW panels with a curated sneaker marketplace. With grit and willingness to take a chance he put over $20K with

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Decoding the Dress Code

Have you ever been invited to an event and had no idea how to dress? There many different dress attires and it can be hard to remember the rules for each one. To ease this pain here is a guide on what to wear for the occasion.   White Tie     Women: Formal long