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What Being an Expert Really Means

The year is 1961 and John F. Kennedy has just been elected President of the United States. The youngest president ever elected at 43, some are concerned that he’s too young, inexperienced, and disconnected from reality to handle the nuclear launch codes, and the Cold War. Coming into office, Eisenhower mentions that a plan to

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The #Girlboss on Instagram Vs. Real Female Entrepreneurs

You probably don’t know the real entrepreneurs—because they’re too busy working  My millennial team members are pressuring me to revamp my brand in favor of the new, chic fempreneur aesthetic that every young businesswoman seems to be obsessed with. Here are some things that I have been asked to post on social media and the

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7 Qualities Every Leader Should Have

Being in a leadership position for a company of any size comes with great responsibility. The title of “manager” is not just about the amount of work you’re responsible for, but it’s also about leading and managing a team and being responsible for their ultimate success. I’ve had experiences with management who were great at

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7 Signs it’s Time to Hire a Consultant

The year is almost over- are you on track to hit your annual goals? I’m not just referring to your sales goals (although those are critical), I also mean goals of the mission and vision of your company, employee satisfaction and engagement, awareness, and everything else that indicates a strong and successful business. If you’re

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The Magic of Milestones

I’m a huge advocate of goal setting, and I recognize a massive opportunity to have my goals (when set properly) work to my advantage and actually help me in achieving them. The trick with any goal is to set it aggressively, and then break it apart into less intimidating mini-goals, or milestones. Milestones are an

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We are awash in a cult of innovation

I just enjoyed SxSW in Austin and heard the word literally thousands of times over a single week. Despite this, it seems to me that truly disruptive innovation is systematically avoided. Bureaucrats want innovation they can control so they farm “planned innovation” rather than hunting for disruptive innovation. After all, by its very nature disruptive innovation cannot be in the carefully laid technology roadmaps or the

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5 Steps To Keep A Founder Dispute From Tanking Your Startup

Founder disputes are one of the top reasons why startups fail. It has been written about, reported on, and even made into an infographic. Co-founding a startup is like getting married. You go from spending some time together, to spending all your time together, in a small space, and sharing your finances. On top of that, creating a business