Alexander Mendeluk

Alexander Mendeluk is an actor, public speaker, and entrepreneur. He helps heart-centered entrepreneurs create businesses and lives that help change the world. He is known for his company SpiritHoods which was featured on an episode of Shark Tank. Since selling SpiritHoods last year, he now runs an influencer and brand development agency, called The Disruptive.

Aliya Amershi

Aliya Amershi is a Technologist with 20 years of experience and over 10 years of professional international experience working with the top players in tech and media, including Electronic Arts and Viacom Networks. Her roles have included Software Engineer, Tech Lead, and IT Manager, earning her and her team an Emmy for the Nick App at Viacom. Aliya is now the CEO and Founder of her own tech startup, AskaTechie empowers Entrepreneurs by quickly matching them with their perfect Techie to build and optimize their App, Website or Software so that they can confidently reach their next level of business success. Think of it as the eHarmony for finding technical talent! AskaTechie's online marketplace and concierge provides an extensive supply of curated talent and premium technology services specifically for Startup Founders, Sole Proprietors, and SMB Business Owners. It is essentially a “One-stop Techie Shop” of highly qualified Freelancers and Agencies. So why search, when you can just ask! Feel free to connect with Aliya directly by emailing her at or adding her on Twitter and LinkedIn.

Alon Goren

Alon Goren is an entrepreneur, fintech, and crowdfunding expert. He is the founder of 805 Startups and Crowd Invest Summit. He is also a speaker, advisor, and an investor.

Amy Wan

Amy Wan, Esq., is Founder and Chief Legal Hacker at Bootstrap Legal, which provides software to allow real sponsors to draft their own syndication and fund documents. Previously, she was a Partner at Trowbridge Sidoti LLP ( where she practiced crowdfunding and syndication law, and was General Counsel at Patch of Land, a real estate marketplace lending and crowdfunding platform. Amy is also Founder and Co-Organizer of Legal Hackers LA and served as a Presidential Management Fellow.

Andrew Thomas

Andrew Thomas is an entrepreneur, keynote speaker and advisor. As co-founder and CRO of SkyBell, he is known as one of the best strategic thinkers, dealmakers and storytellers in IoT. Entrepreneur Magazine called him one of the top entrepreneurs in the Internet of Things, and he shares his experiences in biz dev and storytelling as a speaker and advisor. As a speaker, he is known for his honest delivery and actionable content. He advises hardware and IoT startups at top incubators and accelerators across the country, specializing in branding and B2B business development.

Ankur K Garg

Co-Founder of Youngry

Ankur K Garg is an entrepreneur who has established & led corporations to uber-awesome levels of success with a proven track record of molding a brand image and successfully conveying that vision to the masses, resulting in significant growth of enterprise value.

Arel Moodie

Arel Moodie, is a likability strategist, a national best selling author and has been a featured speaker at the White House and has been personally acknowledged for his work by President Obama. Inc. Magazine called him a “High-Energy, Motivator” and named him to their “30 Under 30 list” of top American entrepreneurs under 30 years old. He has giving many popular TEDx talks including topics such as likability and innovation. He hosts one of the top career podcasts on iTunes, The Art of Likability, which is listened to in over 135 countries world wide. He is a contributor to Forbes and Huffington Post on Likability. As a professional speaker he has spoken to over 500,000 people in 48 states and 5 countries.

Ari Berman

Ari Berman is a young professional, working as an assistant account executive and social analyst at global PR firm, FleishmanHillard. She spends her time focusing on social analytics, trends research, and insights and recommendations for large clients in the health and tech spaces. Her current and previous clients include: Samsung, YouTube, Kaiser Permanente, Plantronics Fleming's Prime Steakhouse & Wine Bar, and Vans. She is interested in travel, dogs, professional networking, and exploring her new city of Los Angeles.

Ash Kumra

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

Ash Kumra is an award winning entrepreneur, author, public speaker and talk show host recognized twice by the White House as an entrepreneur making an impact. He is currently helping run Youngry – an global entrepreneur media company whose mission is to transform every early stage entrepreneur (Young in experience, Hungry in ambition) to be successful. He is the author of book series “Confessions from an Entrepreneur”, spoken to over 10,000 people on entrepreneurship and broadcasting credentials include 100’s of interviews with business mavens, entrepreneurs and celebrities who have achieved their dreams and goals. Ash has also been featured in 100’s of articles including Forbes Magazine, Huffington Post, American Express Forum & Entrepreneur Magazine.

Bogdan Constantin

Bogdan Constantin is the co-founder and CMO/CTO of Menguin – the world’s highest rated online suit and tux rental company and a startup that’s grown at a 7.8X CAGR since its inception. He loves all things startups, growth (both personal and professional) and spending time with family and friends.

Brett Bernstein

Brett Bernstein is the founder & CEO of Gatsby: the marketing platform that provides ecommerce brands with insight into which of their customers have genuine social influence. Previously, he was on the marketing team at Box and was the co-founder of Natural Cravings. Learn more about Gatsby at

Brian Mac Mahon

Brian MacMahon is the founder of Expert DOJO, one of the largest startup high performance center for entrepreneurs in the Southern California area. He is an expert in bringing global perspectives to small businesses and speaks all over the world, advising small businesses on growth and expansion.

Brad Yasar

Brad Yasar is an entrepreneur, investor, mentor, and advisor who has started and bootstrapped several companies from inception to maturity over the past 20 years. Brad is currently the co-founder and Managing Partner of Krowd Mentor, a strategic crowdfunding advisory firm focusing on ICOs, cryptocurrencies, blockchain, and token powered organizations. He served as managing director of Yasar Corporation where he mentored, advised and invested in more than 30 companies. Passionate about where the worlds of technology and marketing collide, Brad is frequently invited to speak at events related to entrepreneurship, angel investing and business strategy. Most recently, he presented at Global Crowdfunding Convention, Digital Hollywood, and ITU Gate Accelerator Program. A big believer in coaching younger generations of entrepreneurs, Brad serves as a mentor for the Pepperdine University Alumni Association.

Cameron Kashani

Cam Kashani is the Godmother of Silicon Beach, an Expert Speaker with US State Department, 3x founder, and single mom of twin boys. She has worked with 4000+ Entrepreneurs and 700+ startups and She is on a mission to humanize business and her vision is a global economy that thrives on WE, not ME. Cam is a Co-founder and CEO at COACCEL: The Human Accelerator. She is specifically passionate about working with women because she believes that if women embrace their own deeply rooted power, we can collectively shift the energy in business and ultimately create a harmonious environment for us all.

Chris Mackey

Chris Mackey draws upon his experience and deep understanding of both the hedge fund and alternative research industries. He previously worked as a research analyst with a technology-focused long/short equity hedge fund, where he covered the Internet sector. Prior to his time on the buy-side, Chris was a member of the technology, media & telecom group with Standard & Poor's Vista Research, a provider of research services to the financial services industry. Frustration from the lack of viable workflow tools and constant inefficiencies in the investment enterprise gave Chris the inspiration to develop the industry's smartest research management application, MackeyRMS. Chris holds a BA from Harvard University.

Cody McLain

Cody McLain founded his first company at just 15 in his parents basement. Since then Cody has gone to Build and Sell 4 companies grossing in the millions within his first 10 years. Companies he has founded have included Hosting, Software and Support based companies with offices around the world. Together, his companies have served over 30,000 customers and businesses in over 100+ countries. Cody has been featured in several online publications including Forbes, Mashable, Entrepreneur and many others. He is currently finishing a book about his experience growing up and starting his first company.

Conor Grant

Conor Grant is a Marketing Manager with He is the writer of The Advanced Guide to Direct Response Advertising as well as a contributor to Conor graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree from Middlebury College and was the managing editor of the Campus Newspaper.

Cristina M. Gallegos

A passionate entrepreneur, Cristina has 30 years of experience in business, 17 of which as an advisor to philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits. Her personal mission is to create positive global change through the advancement of strong leadership, and the expansion of the frontiers of economic innovation in the social sector at large. Cristina’s sweet spot sits at the intersection of the for-profit and non-profit worlds bridging the gap through social entrepreneurship.

Dalip Jaggi

Dalip Jaggi is the founder of Devise Interactive. A company that engage audiences through effective brand experiences that are compelling yet beautiful by harmonizing creative design and innovative technology. They help brands communicate, achieve goals, and drive results.

Dane Schwaebe

Dane Schwaebe is a Social Media Marketer for PunchBold. PunchBold specializes in web design, social media advertising and crafting online presence for their clients. (

Dara Albright

Dara Albright is a recognized authority, thought provoker and frequent speaker on FinTech, crowdfinance, next-gen IPOs & P2P, retail alternatives. Most known for her leading edge articles and acclaimed conferences that introduce rising crowd-centric asset classes to Wall Street.

Dave Meltzer

David Meltzer is a business executive, humanitarian, an author, and an expert in sports marketing. He is the CEO of Sports 1 Marketing and has spent 25 years as an entrepreneur in several fields including technology and entertainment. He has created a platform that uses four overarching principles—gratitude, empathy, accountability, and effective communication—and these principles have allowed him to communicate and mentor everyone from college students to c-suite executives. These four principles in everyday practice allow David to live by his mission to “make a lot of money, help a lot of people, and have a lot of fun.”

David Bruemmer

David is the co-founder of 5D Robotics. His goal is to create robots that change the way in which we live, understand ourselves and get important things done. He has worked on intelligent robots for hazardous and critical environments including landmine detetion, marking and neutralization, remote characterization of high radiation environments, urban search and rescue, and explosive ordinance disposal. Now he is taking this proven technology for positioning and autonomy into a variety of commercial environments: autonomous driving, connected vehicles, automating heavy equipment, IOT, smart mobility and drones.

Denis Shmidt

Denis Shmidt is the Founder of Orsus Gate Law, a litigation boutique that helps companies recognize, mitigate and avoid risk. After working for an international law firm and the County of Los Angeles, Denis now focuses on emerging to mid-sized organizations with a specialty in founder disputes.

Edwin Choi

Edwin Choi is a marketing guru who is passionate about digital marketing, online media and bridging the gap between psychology & retail. He was formerly the VP of Marketing at mobovida, a leading online retailer and vertically integrated "fast fashion" mobile accessory brand.

Eric Rice

Eric Rice is a founder of 25 Ventures and TrepScore and a co-founder of Quanta. He has been labeled an entrepreneur and an executive but at his core he is the definition of business development. Over the course of his career he has driven millions of dollars in sales, millions of visitors to websites and apps, launched amazing products, produced content that has been read by hundreds of thousands, had his own TV and Radio shows and even spoke at the NASDAQ, but at the end of the day, all Eric wants to do is create deals that have long term, lasting impact.

Evan Leong

Evan Leong is currently spearheading product at Devslopes and has been involved with B2C technology startups for the past decade. He is passionate about entrepreneurship, music, poker and coffee. Bay Area native - he loves meeting people and discussing ideas that make this world a better place.

Evan Delahanty

Evan Delahanty is the Founder and CEO of Peaceful Fruits, a social good snack company that makes fair trade, natural fruit snacks that are healthy, delicious, and helping to save the Amazon Rainforest. Prior to launching, Evan worked as a project manager and community economic development specialist for the U.S. Peace Corps in the Amazon interior of Suriname, South America. His background is in business management, from both his career prior to Peace Corps and his degree from Cornell University. Peaceful Fruits has been featured on Shark Tank, BuzzFeed, and was named one of the top social enterprise startups in Ohio. Now coming out of pilot, the company is working to scale towards regional and national distribution.

Freddy Del Barrio

Freddy Del Barrio is the President and CEO of Campus Watch, an app that creates a safer environment for college campuses. At only 22 years old Del Barrio is capturing the essence of an entrepreneur with decades of experience.

Hai Truong

Hai Truong is a writer for TechDayNews, the organization responsible for the largest single day startup event in North America. He also writes for UCI Applied Innovation, a hub for Orange County's tech, startup, and investor community. Previously co-founding Creative Squeeze, a creative agency with notable clients such as Din Tai Fung, Memorial Care, and a plethora of startups across the country, Hai specializes in developing engaging, purposeful stories with tangible takeaways. Organizing groups such as 1Million Cups Irvine and an alumnus of UC Irvine's Blackstone Launchpad, Hai spotlights the stories and experiences of emerging organizations and movements in his community.

Harlan Gleeson

Harlan Gleeson is the director of strategic accounts for Supporting Strategies (LA Chapter). They provide provide outsourced bookkeeping services and operational support to growing businesses since 2004. Learn more about Harlan and Supporting Strategies at

Jackson Mann

Jackson Mann is the founder of Vibes, a Minneapolis-based company that produces Vibes Hi-Fidelity Earplugs, which are earplugs designed for live music and entertainment. Unlike traditional foam earplugs that block and muffle sounds, Vibes filter acoustics to lower decibel levels without sacrificing sound quality. With a background in the live music industry and marketing, Jackson created Vibes to help people fully enjoy live music and entertainment without having to compromise their hearing health or comfort. In January 2017, Jackson appeared on ABC’s Shark Tank to present Vibes to a panel of celebrity investors.

Jeff Brannon

Jeff Brannon is an entrepreneur, small business lender and advocate. He is an expert in the field of Debt Financing, Contract Monetization, Growth Capital, and more.

Jeremy Redman

Jeremy Redman is the CEO and founder of AirFive, an app that connects individuals through their love of drinks. Entrepreneurially spirited from a young age, Jeremy took his love of innovation and created a company that can be the next big thing.

Jesse Wang

Jesse Wang is passionate and driven to grow gaming communities at academic institutions. He is the coordinator for UC Irvine’s eSports program, which is a form of competition that is expedited by electronic systems, most commonly video games. Jesse discovered his love of eSports in high school and wants to bring it into the academic world.

Jocelyn Contreras

Jocelyn Contreras is studying Literary Journalism at the University of California, Irvine and a part of the YOUNGRY content team. She has a passion for writing and through her words she wishes to impact society to become a better place for all groups. She loves to learn and is focused on demonstrating the power of education to her community. She has published an article in The Voice of OC and is motivated to create an inclusive space for the unheard and her millennial family. Jocelyn is determined to break stereotypes and gender roles through her career goal of entering and dominating the film industry. As a millennial herself, she is YOUNGRY.

Joe Milam

Joe Milam is an entrepreneur, investor, and renowned money manager. He is also the CEO of AngelSpan, which provides investor relations for early stage entrepreneurs.

John Vitale

John Vitale is a serial entrepreneur, founding and operating media, sound, and music production companies. Currently, he is the Co Founder and Chief Music/Content officer at, where he is researching and applying how music enhances the brains cognitive functions. John is really excited to engage music and audio professionals to create music and focus related content for the system that helps people focus, be more productive, and expand the creative potential of our planet.

Justin Klein

Justin Klein is a CEO of KPP Financial. He develops the strategic direction of the organization and leads every major company initiative. His daily duties involve managing $85 million in assets and co-hosting their radio show called InvestTalk. Justin helps middle class and wealthy individuals achieve optimal financial outcomes by providing superior management of their retirement accounts, dynamic real estate guidance and overall financial planning advice.

Kaleigh Gilchrist

Kaleigh Gilchrist is most commonly known as a water polo player. She was part of the American team winning the gold medal at the 2015 World Aquatics Championships. Gilchrist also competed on the gold medal-winning US Women’s Olympic Team at the 2016 Summer Olympics. She is now pursuing a professional surfing career in hopes of qualifying for the world tour.

Khalid Merchant

Khalid Merchant is the operations and logistics manager at Uber. He is passionate about growing and learning. He is constantly looking to challenge himself and always looking for opportunities to improve his analytical mind.

Kristen Ruby

Kristen Ruby is the President and Founder of Ruby Media Group LLC, a full service Public Relations and Social Media Agency. She is also a frequent on air contributor and has appeared on FOX Business, NBC, ABC, BRAVO! and more. She is a Social Media Specialist and Publicist. By utilizing various social media platforms, Kristen creates online visibility for her clients and increases overall branding awareness. Kristen has been a featured columnist for Forbes Woman, Inside Chappaqua Magazine, JDATE and Single & Smart Magazine, and was the youngest ever to be chosen for the Business Council of Westchesters "40 Under 40" Rising Stars.

Lee Decker

1. Creativity - as a well-rounded digital artist, marketer, and data-driven executive leader, Lee leads creative projects that range from 15 second social media video segments, UI / UX for mobile, branding, product design, growth hacking, and conquest marketing for virtually any industry including non-equity & equity crowdfunding, big data, virtual reality, blockchain, SaaS, sports, automotive and even apparel. 2. Community - having built a 7,000 person national network that is rapidly growing of tech & entrepreneurship meetups he operates, Lee is known for his ability to connect. That includes startups to investors, companies to clients and co-founders to other co-founders. 3. Fitness / Discipline - as an amateur triathlete, Lee's athletic discipline spills over into his work ethic and leadership. Lee mentors and advises wherever he can and strives to practice conscious capitalism to cross any finish line.

Lisa Song

Lisa Song Sutton, J.D., is a real estate advisor/investor and entrepreneur, holding ownership interests in several companies in the real estate, tech, retail and food & beverage industries, including Las Vegas' #1 alcohol-infused cupcake company: Sin City Cupcakes. She currently writes about entrepreneurship and business. Her work has been seen in Forbes, Inc. Magazine, Fast Company and other business publications. She is the youngest Asian-American affiliate owner of a Christie's International Real Estate brokerage. Lisa also sits on the executive boards for several companies including Gleaux Inc., formally BioGlow Tech, which has created the world’s first light emitting plant, and Youngry, an entrepreneurship media company. In addition to her professional careers, Lisa is actively involved in her community as a former Miss Las Vegas (2013), Miss Nevada (2014) and serves on the executive board of the Asian Community Development Council. Lisa was recently named a 2017 Top 10 Social Entrepreneur to Watch by Inc. Magazine and was selected as a Las Vegas hub Global Shaper by the World Economic Forum.

Lorenzo Santos

Lorenzo Santos is the Founding Partner & Chief Operations Officer at Think 66, LLC. In college, Lorenzo is involved in many on-campus organizations, helping found Student Innovation Collective and being a founding father at Sigma Upsilon Mu. Besides helping co-found organizations, he participates in Student Titan Men's Chorus, and the CSUF Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team, where he trains weekly for disciple, focus and patience.

Mark Deppe

Working closely with student leaders, staff, faculty, and industry partners, Mark is thrilled to lead the way for the first official eSports program at a public research institution. Recognizing the opportunity to build on UCI’s strong gaming culture and take advantage of the massive world of eSports, Mark began developing a vision and plan for the UCI eSports program in 2015.

Matt Ryczek

Matt Ryczek is the COO of Idea House & Co., which specializes in product development from the inception of an idea through design, engineer, prototyping, manufacturing, and strategy market fit. Matt Ryczek also works with the Cal Poly Pomona Entrepreneur program and is a board Member of the Business Improvement District. Working with start-ups such as Cycleboard, MJoose, the original dryer ball, and brands such as Behr, Disney, Home Depot, Braillo, and many more, Matt has gained the experience of nearly every industry across the globe.

Maxwell Finn

Maxwell Finn is an entrepreneur, founder, and investor. He is an expert in the field of digital marketing and the co-founder and CEO of Startup Drugz, a brand for entrepreneurs making startup themed tees, hoodies, posters, mugs and more. Maxwell is also a writer with articles published by top media outlets including Inc., Yahoo! Small Business, Techli, The Next Web, and Social Media Today.

Michelle Mayr is a student at California State Polytechnic University-Pomona and a campus representative at WayUp.

Mike is the founder of How to Start an, where he teaches people about navigating the bureaucracy and provides simple guides to starting your own business. Mike is a serial entrepreneur who believes company formation should be the least painful part of building a business and has set out to make it easier.

Mona Mojabi

Mona is a recent graduate from UCI with a bachelors degree in International Studies and a minor in History. She currently Interns both at YOUNGRY and Iranian American Women Foundation. Amongst her many passions journalism is one that she is most intrigued with. She hopes to explore and learn about the world.

Morgan Jones

Morgan Jones is a matchmaker at Three Day Rule, which is a leading tech-enabled, personalized matchmaking company that helps singles outsource their dating lives to real-life matchmakers.

Naomi Goez

Naomi Goez is a young professional who is taking the fashion industry by storm. She was a student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising (FIDM) and is now a Production Assistant at Joe’s Jeans in Los Angeles.

Nathan Latka

Nathan Latka is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of working in the internet industry. He is skilled in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Digital Strategy, Sales, Mobile Applications, and Web Design. Strong business development professional with a B.Arch , B.S. Business Finance focused in Finance from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University.

Navjot Dhaliwal

Navjot Dhaliwal is in the content/media team at Youngry.

Nina Ojeda

Nina Ojeda is a serial entrepreneur, writer, speaker and currently CEO of PRÊTE, a members only app that utilizes idle time at curated top tier salons and spas to provide blowouts and manicures to members. Before that, she founded a successful go-to-market agency where she helped launch early stage startups through PR, stunts, and branding. Nina also founded The Avenue West, a go-to-market agency that focused on launching startups and building growth stage companies, which she sold in 2016 to Marbaloo Marketing and continues to serve as Strategic Advisor.

Parveen Panwar

ParveenPanwar is an entrepreneur and investor focused on realizing the potential of interactive media. After nearly a decade of working with major web content creators, developing video capabilities to reach both large and niche audiences, Parveen created Vidaptiv to pioneer new ways to use interactive content to create better and more engaging user experiences — transforming mobile web and in-app environments. Vidaptiv is focused on innovating multi-platform interactive video experiences that deepens user engagement. Interactive video ads are used by brands to drive high sales conversion. Interactive video content on digital properties provides a deep user interactive experience.

Phil Laboon

Phil Laboon is the CEO of Eyeflow Internet Marketing, which has provided hundreds of clients with consulting and digital marketing services that help their business stand up and be heard by audiences both on and off the web. He is also known as 2016 Inc. MagazineTop 25 Marketing Influencer. Phil is a self described serial entrepreneur, investor, talk show host, and speaker.

Rahil Jetly

Rahil Jetly is an ambitious young professional who has extensive experience working with startups. He is currently working on a side project while seeking full-time employment. He just finished assisting the National Startup League, a non-profit organization, in reconstructing the curriculum that is used to teach students throughout the nation the skills necessary to become entrepreneurs.

Richard Lorenzen

Richard Lorenzen is an American entrepreneur, investor, and speaker. Regularly cited as one of the most influential millennial entrepreneurs in America, Richard started his current company, Fifth Avenue Brands at age 15. Award-winning author of his latest book Surge, and host of Leaders & Visionaries Podcast, LinkedIn named Richard one of the top millennial influencers of 2016 while Inc. Magazine ranked him one of the top eight entrepreneurs on Twitter.

Robert Fifield

Robert Fifield is the co-founder of Payably – a mobile payments app designed to automate the bookkeeping process – and the Chief Operating Officer for fintech company Avalon Solutions Group. Fifield is a tech-industry veteran with more than 20 years’ experience in technology application, merchant services and e-Commerce.

Robert Kinsler

Robert Kinsler is the founder and CEO of United Fray, a lifestyle services company based in Washington DC that works to Make Fun Possible for our members through social sports, events, media and technology. He was named the Small Business Person of the year by the DC Chamber of Commerce and serving on the board of the Sport and Social Industry Association as well as the Baltimore Chapter of the Entrepreneurs Organization. His passion is creating and helping to build something that wasn't there prior.

Robert Malka

Robert Malka is a Chief Operations Officer at Malka Communications Group, Inc., which is a cutting-edge interpreting services provider for the Deaf. He is using it as a tool to prop up and improve Deaf communities around the world through communication services.

Rob Fajardo

Rob Fajardo's passion is to inspire others to become the best version of themselves and create things that matter. He helps purpose driven people build and scale their business or brand by accelerating them through his expertise in branding and business development or his immensely rich network of industry executives, world leaders, celebrities, artists, politicians, movie directors, event planners, and extremely successful entrepreneurs who all value social impact like himself. He is a speaker and writer. He has a background in building startups and the knowledge of gaining million of users.

Ryan Blair

Ryan Blair is a serial entrepreneur who established his first company at age twenty-one and has since created and actively invested in multiple start-ups. As the CEO of ViSalus, he took the company from start-up to more than $1.6 billion in cumulative sales, sold the company in a $792.4-million-dollar transaction, started venture fund HashtagOne, which has invested in several very successful start-ups, and was named an Ernst & Young’s 2012 Entrepreneur of the Year. His first book, Nothing to Lose, Everything to Gain, was a number one international New York Times bestseller.

Ryan Foland

Ryan Foland is a master communicator and was named a Top Youth Marketer in 2016 by Inc. He coaches leaders worldwide on the art of simplifying spoken and written messaging for greater impact. He is the inventor of 3-1-3 Theory, a process whereby pitches begin as three sentences, condense into one sentence and then boil down to three words. Ryan works for the Office of the Vice Provost at UCI and is Managing Partner at He writes for Influencive and has appeared in Entrepreneur, HuffPost, Fortune, and more. An entertaining speaker and emcee, he serves as a public speaking mentor for a variety of thought leaders.

Ryan Rafols

Ryan Rafols is the founder and CEO of Newchip, a FinTech marketplace that is reinventing the global investment landscape. Newchip was born out of a passion for investment finance and wanting to help entrepreneurs raise funding. They bring exciting investment opportunities in emerging startups, real estate projects, and cryptocurrencies to everyday Americans for as affordable as $100 to start.

Sanket Patel

After a decade spent catering to the world’s most discerning clients, Sanket knows the secrets to curating the luxury lifestyle. Bringing this reservoir of knowledge to the urban man, Sanket serves as the Architect of the Modern Gentleman. As the Gentleman’s Coach, Sanket guides clients on a personal journey to prioritize their unique goals and truly embody the life of a gentleman.

Sarah Schupp

Sarah Schupp is the CEO and founder of UniversityParent. UniversityParent is the the top site for college parents to find everything they need to help their students, starting with the application and acceptance process, all the way through to graduation.

Sasha Speer

Doctor Sasha is a national speaker, author, and founder of YOUNGER. She specializes in healing from the inside-out with mindset and exercise techniques blended with humor and style. She actively speaks in and around Los Angeles and is developing her latest program, YOUNGER, generating a new wave of positive habits that uplift and empower while preventing disease and disorder.

Shama Hyder

Shama Hyder is the bestselling author of the Zen of Social Media Marketing (4th edition), Momentum; and an acclaimed international keynote speaker who has been invited to share the speaking stage with the world’s top leaders, including President Obama and the Dalai Lama. She has frequently appeared on Fox Business, CBS, CW33 and Fox News and as a thought leader, she’s been featured in many major publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Business Week, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, Inc Magazine and Forbes. As the CEO of the award-winning Marketing Zen Group, Shama has led the organization through explosive growth, averaging 400% growth annually since its start in 2009. As a result of her success, she has been the recipient of the prestigious Technology Titan Emerging Company CEO award. She was also named one of the “Top 25 Entrepreneurs under 25” by Business Week in 2009 and one of the “Top 30 under 30” Entrepreneurs in America in 2015.

Shaun Baden

Shaun Baden is a business development specialist and technology entrepreneur. He is the founder and CEO of Protek[], which makes products to improve the safety of technology.

Shinta Dhanuwardoyo

Shinta Dhanuwardoyo, also known as Shinta Bubu, has been in the Indonesia's digital industry for 20 years. She is the founder of, one of the first internet companies in Indonesia which has evolved into country's leading Digital media Agency engaging with internet, social media, and mobile strategies. Shinta was acknowledged by Red Herring as one of Asia's TOP 100 most innovative Companies. She has received several awards and recognitions, such as "99 Most Powerful Women" by Globe Asia (6 consecutive years), Inspiring Women Honor Roll by Forbes Magazine, and many others.

Slava Rubin

Slava Rubin co-founder of Indiegogo, the world's largest global crowdfunding platform. Indiegogo empowers anyone, anywhere, anytime to raise funds for any idea—creative, cause-related or entrepreneurial. Since launching in January 2008, the company has embraced an open model, helping people create campaigns in every country around the world, and is now distributing millions of dollars across the platform every week. Slava recently attended the White House signing of the historic JOBS Act as the representative of the crowdfunding industry.

Taylor Decker

Taylor Decker is a director at Eureka Building and she oversees and manages all operations, project and program management with a passion for community development + overall acceleration for Eureka. She is passionate about the life that can be breathed into a growing company when there is the convergence between effort, hard working employees, and transparent leadership.

Tess Cacciatore

Tess Cacciatore is an award-winning producer, videographer, journalist, keynote speaker, storyteller & social entrepreneur who has dedicated her life advocating for peace, justice & equality around the globe. Tess does speaking around the world, for those who do not have a voice, in the areas of global social activism. She is proficient in television programming, television network series, mobile media, media campaigns and digital music. Tess is a connector in entertainment, technology, and philanthropy, to bridge affiliate partners around the world.

Todd Giannattasio

Todd Giannattasio is the head of business development and lead strategist for Tresnic Media, a Hubspot Certified Inbound and digital agency focused on content marketing to attract and convert more customers for your company. Todd has spent time working with a multi-billion dollar, international corporation, one of the top four global record labels and established businesses looking for growth through digital marketing. He is able to bring your online presence to the forefront of your market through customer-oriented design, quality content strategies and engaging, online customer relationships.

Tom Bilyeu

Tom Bilyeu is the co-founder of 2014 Inc. 500 company Quest Nutrition — a unicorn startup valued at over $1 billion — and the co-founder and host of Impact Theory. Tom’s mission is the creation of empowering media-based IP and the acceleration of mission-based businesses. Personally driven to help people develop the skills they will need to improve themselves and the world, Tom is intent to use commerce to address the dual pandemics of physical and mental malnourishment. Tom is a forever student of life. His obsession with mastering skills has molded him into a well-rounded leader, battle-hardened and unafraid to fire moonshots.

Tony Winders

Tony Winders is a digital marketing pioneer whose leadership, creativity, strategic insights and integrated programs have contributed to the success of hundreds of consumer and B2B campaigns. As a principal in Winders Consulting Group, Winders leads a team of B2B marketing experts to provide strategic consulting and communication services that help media, ad tech and other B2B sales organizations increase awareness and drive revenue at scale. Winders’ clients have included Adadyn, Brand Innovators, CauseCast, Dstillery, FinditParts, GumGum, Jetpack, RocketFuel, Transparent Heath Marketplace and TS2, among others.

Vanessa Ganaden

Vanessa Ganaden works as a Senior Project Manager for a Software Development Agency where she spearheads different projects and the day to day operations. She is also a Business student in California State University Fullerton with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship and Marketing. Vanessa is a very passionate, driven and motivated individual who lives and breathes entrepreneurship. Her experience includes working for a media startup, a non-profit focused on entrepreneurship education, two incubators. She is the Vice President for an entrepreneurship fraternity in Cal State Fullerton, Board member of the Entrepreneur Society and has recently founded an organization in campus that brings together multi-disciplinary students with a focus on teaching them entrepreneurial principles.

Victor Velazquez

Victor Velazquez is an entrepreneur that helps small to medium sized businesses capture the Millenial audience. He is a Co-founder and Chief Revenue Officer at DVLPER, a Mobile and Web Development agency.

Vincent Vitale

Vincent is Editor in Chief of Youngry. He loves to write about the NBA, Tech, Startups, and productivity. He's a traveling, foodie who likes to collect friends across the globe. He graduated from the world renown Missouri School of Journalism in '13. #StayYoungry

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Yola Robert

Yola Robert is a contributing writer at Elite Daily, TechDayHQ, Youngry, and more.

Yvonne Foster

Dr Yvonne Foster, MD leads the small dedicated team at Lotus HR, and has worked as an HR professional for over 25 years across the public, private and 3rd sectors. She has managed diverse complex HR projects for the NHS, numerous London borough councils, and many small and large businesses in the UK.