Richard Lorenzen

Richard Lorenzen is an American entrepreneur, investor, and speaker. Regularly cited as one of the most influential millennial entrepreneurs in America, Richard started his current company, Fifth Avenue Brands at age 15. Award-winning author of his latest book Surge, and host of Leaders & Visionaries Podcast, LinkedIn named Richard one of the top millennial influencers of 2016 while Inc. Magazine ranked him one of the top eight entrepreneurs on Twitter.

Anthony Lolli Proves The American Dream is Still Alive

Achieving the “American dream” is central to what it means to be an American. Yet today less than 20% of Americans say they’re living the American dream. Anthony Lolli is just one example of how that dream is alive and well.   Real estate investor, philanthropist, and entrepreneur are just a few of the hats [...]

Sean Brown is Changing the VC Game

With thousands of companies vying for attention in the venture capital arena, most get overlooked. One company, based in Orange County, CA is focusing on tech startups, and are swiftly becoming the driving force behind the success of some of the country’s most innovative startups. Sean Brown is the Founder and CEO of GO VC, […]

Creator of the Top Ad of the Century Reveals How He Built a $5M Video Agency

Utilizing the power of video marketing is a critical strategy to promote, brand, and grow your business online. More users are interacting with videos today than ever before. Travis Chambers, Chief Media Hacker of Chamber Media, drives million in sales for top brands like Kraft, Polaroid, and Amazon. His work has also been featured in [...]

Millionaire Entrepreneur Timothy Sykes Has Committed to Build 1,000 Schools

Tim Sykes dedicated his life to being a millionaire stock trader and teacher. Running the largest online training academy for penny stocks, his life has been dedicated to helping others succeed in the stock market, coaching several millionaire students to stock market success. It wasn’t until recently that he realized a passion of his that [...]