Matt Ryczek

Matt Ryczek is the COO of Idea House & Co., which specializes in product development from the inception of an idea through design, engineer, prototyping, manufacturing, and strategy market fit. Matt Ryczek also works with the Cal Poly Pomona Entrepreneur program and is a board Member of the Business Improvement District. Working with start-ups such as Cycleboard, MJoose, the original dryer ball, and brands such as Behr, Disney, Home Depot, Braillo, and many more, Matt has gained the experience of nearly every industry across the globe.

Competitive Allies: How Competition Works for You

Every great story stems from stacking the odds against the protagonist; they strive and overcome the odds to beat out their competition. A word that carries a weight so great, but often lacks in depth. Competition: it is a term that is thrown around in pitches and business plans, but rarely ever explores the depth […]

Three Reasons You’re Starting-up Wrong

Fighting a bear with your own hands is dangerous, challenging, and only true if someone witnessed it. Much like a good story, the validity of a story or, in this case, a product relies on the validation from the audience or customer. Entrepreneurs often believe their product is the greatest; it solves their individual problems [...]

How Your Suppliers are Killing Your Start-up

Start-ups are no different than any other businesses; their supply chain is the key to their success, but start-ups face the age-old question, “What came first, the chicken or the egg?” Before we discuss this concept, the key is regarding any supply chain: physical products or services. If your brand or start-up is reliant on [...]