Lorenzo Santos

Lorenzo Santos is the Founding Partner & Chief Operations Officer at Think 66, LLC. In college, Lorenzo is involved in many on-campus organizations, helping found Student Innovation Collective and being a founding father at Sigma Upsilon Mu. Besides helping co-found organizations, he participates in Student Titan Men's Chorus, and the CSUF Brazilian Jiu Jitsu team, where he trains weekly for disciple, focus and patience.

Selling an Idea is Much Harder than Selling the Prototype

Brock Pierce, the former child actor and now American entrepreneur, is the pioneer behind monetizing the digital currency in games. He is the managing partner and co-founder of Blockchain Capital, the venture fund that invests in Blockchain companies and Bitcoin. By reinventing himself as an entrepreneur, Pierce has developed a passion for investing in disruptive […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Volunteer For Conferences.

1. You get to go for FREE. Need I say more? People pay hundreds, even thousands of dollars to attend top quality industry conferences. This is by far the best alternative, specifically if you’re just starting off in the entrepreneurship game or if you’re a broke ass college student looking for mentors. 2. You get […]

3 Reasons Why You Should Attend Conferences That AREN’T In Your Industry.

1. Understanding your different employees perspectives. By attending conferences focused on different aspects of your business (from online marketing to user experience), you’d be able to understand not only how your employees work and their perspective even better, but more ways you can help improve their workflow. 2. Scoping who you just might need to […]