Jocelyn Contreras

Jocelyn Contreras is studying Literary Journalism at the University of California, Irvine and a part of the YOUNGRY content team. She has a passion for writing and through her words she wishes to impact society to become a better place for all groups. She loves to learn and is focused on demonstrating the power of education to her community. She has published an article in The Voice of OC and is motivated to create an inclusive space for the unheard and her millennial family. Jocelyn is determined to break stereotypes and gender roles through her career goal of entering and dominating the film industry. As a millennial herself, she is YOUNGRY.

The Largest Entrepreneur Summit in SoCal is Coming to Irvine

This is going to be epic! This summit is going to be the largest entrepreneur summit in SoCal and it’s coming to Irvine! Learn to be a serial entrepreneur through the mentorship and guidance of famous, successful, and inspiring, leading entrepreneurs. This is an opportunity of a lifetime. You will get to connect and network [...]

Learn to be a Better Version of Yourself: YOUNGRY™ Summit

Erik Huberman is an entrepreneur and expert in sales, digital marketing and e-commerce. He is the expert to discuss you plans in brand and marketing. Erik has nurtured the growth of companies and can execute a strategy that has all eyes on your webpage! The founder of Hawke Media, a media company that creates sales, [...]

Pursue with Passion. Surround Yourself with Entrepreneurs at the YOUNGRY Summit.

To meet entrepreneurs and individuals who are driven and passionate about their venture, is a blessing. Surround yourself with like-minded people, but be open to meet mentors, friends, investors, and business partners. Come out to the YOUGNRY Summit to check out the next set of mentors and friends.   Ankur Garg is the co-founder and [...]

Be Inspired. Be Authentic. Be YOUNGRY at the Summit.

The YOUNGRY™ Summit is a national event for millennial young professionals, entrepreneurs and influencers on Oct 28th 2017 starting at 10AM. Program highlights include: Inspiring talks from top entrepreneurs, influencers and change agents. An amazing product/demo area from companies and brands who want to help you thrive! Informal mentorship sessions with top business owners, entrepreneurs [...]

How Brands are MADE: Connecting with the Modern-Day Consumer

What makes a brand stand out isn’t just the space it possesses but rather the total experience, and architectural design plays a huge role. Modern day design needs to resonate with the audience—they need to fall in love with the brand. That is how brands are MADE. MADE (Marketing Architecture Design Education), is an architectural design studio […]

The Next Generation of iPhones: iPhone X

It was on September 12 of 2017, that the new iPhone was announced. Apple announced three phones that day: the iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, and with a surprise attack—the iPhone X (also known as the iPhone 10.) The new iPhone X has been emphasized as the most innovative and creative, yet by Apple. As [...]

The Future of Education and Technology

Technology has exponentially grown into our lives and has taken over the world! Literally. As technology advances by the millisecond, coding has become an important skill much needed in the work force as the world moves towards software development and engineering. Coding is a foreign language to those who haven’t been exposed to it. However, [...]

I Am Statements and Positive Affirmations: PleaseNotes

How do we learn to love ourselves and channel a strong energy that will help us generate our success? When the world is out to tear us, women, down and especially women of color! What’s stopping us if not society? It’s ourselves. Fear not sisters. I have solved the problem…well technically. I learned that we [...]

What it Means to Have Consumers as Investors

Starting your own venture is tough because it can’t be done alone. You need a high-quality team, a phenomenal business plan, and most importantly you need investors. But I don’t mean the big, angel investors who can easily step away from a small start-up, I’m talking about loyal consuming customers who truly believe in your […]

The American Dream is An Old AD Campaign

America the land of the free and an opportunistic land where you get to be anyone…doesn’t that sound splendid! The land of the free?! Please, this is such an old Ad campaign that actually worked—back then. It was never about the American Dream, but it was more about the vast opportunities for success that America […]

Why Millennials Are Pursuing Entrepreneurship.

As previously stated, Millennials are going to run the economy and every social aspect due to the total of our generation. It surpasses many other generations and times are changing. Getting a job is not as easy or linear as it was back then. When your grandfather wanted to get a job, all he had […]

YOUNGRY’S Motivation to Inspire Millennials

The age group that surpasses every other generation in the work force and consumer growth are Millennials! Our generation, those born from 1977 and well into the1990’s, total 92 million which is the biggest generation in US history! How awesome is that? Our entire generation is going to be the heart of our economy and […]