Dane Schwaebe

Dane Schwaebe is a Social Media Marketer for PunchBold. PunchBold specializes in web design, social media advertising and crafting online presence for their clients. (https://www.punchbold.com/)

Why Your Pitch Falls Apart and What It’s Missing

Do you feel like when you are presenting and pitching a product to a customer, they just don’t care? Tired of getting “thats nice, let me think about it?” Let’s take look at your presentation and prospecting.   I used to be a cars salesman. A used car salesman. That is where I grinded my [...]

Why salespeople are hated, and how to fight it.

If all of life is a sale, why are salesmen so vilified? Business relies on money and it is literally the air it breathes. Without money, a business dies. Sales staff is the heart of the business, it pumps in clients and pushes out money for the business. Yet, why do we have such a [...]