Cristina M. Gallegos

A passionate entrepreneur, Cristina has 30 years of experience in business, 17 of which as an advisor to philanthropists, entrepreneurs, and nonprofits. Her personal mission is to create positive global change through the advancement of strong leadership, and the expansion of the frontiers of economic innovation in the social sector at large. Cristina’s sweet spot sits at the intersection of the for-profit and non-profit worlds bridging the gap through social entrepreneurship.

Three little letters: CRM

As I write this, there are notifications popping up on my computer screen: person A has just opened an email I sent a few minutes ago. Person B opened a marketing email I sent AND clicked on our website link that was inside the email. Person C has reopened an email I sent 6 months […]

The power of a phone call

Our GG Society Fellows have been hearing me say this over and over and OVER again: “how many phone calls have you made today?” I constantly pester them to make more calls. My 5 year old kid is asking me at the end of each day: “How many phone calls have you made today?” She keeps me honest. I asked her […]

When your charity efforts are starving

Hello there you world-shattering, dent-in-the-Universe-making YOU! I might not know exactly what you are working on these days, but I know it’s epic. I also know you are working on creating social change with your business by having a charitable component blended into your model (I know that because you are reading THIS). And… while […]


So you want to start a philanthropic effort for your business? You want to create positive change in the world?   NOT chasing the bottom line for 5 minutes feels awesome, but then what? Starting something is often both exciting and daunting, without mentioning that (as the Buddhist saying goes) you still need to “chop wood […]

What is Success?

Success is being happy. Success is your endeavors being fruitful. The dictionary says “Honors”. It is growing and fulfilling dimensions in 20 categories… Whatever that is for you in metrics (the title after your name, the car you drive, having a yacht, travels, etc.) freedom should be on that list, in all or most of […]

Start-up and Start-good

A quick search on “What’s the percentage of Millennials starting companies?” brings a slew of results ranging from “62% have considered starting their own business” to Bloomberg’s wet-blanket advice of “Millennials, you can’t afford a startup; it’s time to get a job!” That’s the full spectrum between idealist energy and conservative cynicism. Where should you […]