Bogdan Constantin

Bogdan Constantin is the co-founder and CMO/CTO of Menguin – the world’s highest rated online suit and tux rental company and a startup that’s grown at a 7.8X CAGR since its inception. He loves all things startups, growth (both personal and professional) and spending time with family and friends.

Lunch and Learn with Bogdan Constantin

Bogdan Constantin is the co-founder of Menguin Tuxedos, an online website that allows individuals to rent designer tuxedos for an affordable price. He is an expert in disrupting a billion dollar industry, and mastering customer acquisition, as well as scaling startups. Questions Asked: What growth metrics do you use for Menguin? (4:44) How do you […]

What you need to know about Growth Hacking Snapchat

What if I told you that there was a social platform that would enable you to reach and interact with every single potential customer for your service or good in a way that was authentic, fully personalized and most importantly, almost completely free to utilize? Chances are you’d tell me I was crazy and that […]