Austin’s Best Place to Live (if you want to network)

Vincent Vitale By on April 17, 2017

“This day turned out dramatically different than I anticipated, I started the day thinking I was going to catch a coffee with my ex girlfriend, and now I am debating distributing Mezcal in London, I want to open up a Nandos in the States, I have a manufacturer connection in China and I’ve met a venture capitalist who can make it all possible.” 


That my friends is just a day at the North Shore pool. The North Shore is Austin’s newest Luxury Apartment complex in downtown Austin and if you can speak English and lay out in the sun, you can advance your business farther than you can imagine.
What was my last week in Austin like you ask? I met (not one, but) 2 VCs last week that were open to talking shop with me. I met a group of English businessmen who are looking for opportunities in America. I met the owner of a line of fine Mezcal (and finished a bottle at the pool). And I met the global manager of candy and chocolate at Whole Foods, globally. And yes, I immediately called him Willy Wonka. (Side note: there is no better job than deciding what candy and chocolate are distributed on a global scale for Whole Foods.) Imagine those samples.
Keep in mind, that’s just the last week. Granted, I am an extrovert who is genuinely interested in (and enjoys the company of) people. Still. Is that what the average apartment complex produces in yield. I’d assume the answer is no.
Northshore Austin
The building has genuinely changed my life. Put aside the floor to ceiling gym windows that overlook a city and a lake. Put aside the cabanas, the location, and the pool. Just take the people. The people are truly amazing. I’ve never met a boring person in this building.
Not to mention, they make it extremely easy to network. There are built in socials that happen bi-weekly that serve free food and alcohol and bring the people out! Nobody loves a free meal more than this guy, but pair that with great peeps and I’m in my zone. The next one I’m looking forward to is the Vodka sponsored League of Rebels pool party, and I’ll leave it at that.
It’s also walking distance from both 6th streets, Rainey, and South Congress. The North Shore is the epitomy of what the new Austin is. Growth, business, skyscrapers, tech, and connections.
It’s also one of the most sought out Air BNBs in the city, so I’m constantly meeting a rotation of people who live in different cities from across the country (and world) shout out to Emma!
This one gets my official stamp of approval.