Aketta is Changing the World: By Changing What We Eat

Vincent Vitale By on February 27, 2017

How many of you would be willing to eat a bug? No, not a Fear Factor gimmicky challenge to eat a bug, but choosing to eat a bug because it was packed with protein and better for the environment. One company is betting that people will be willing to. That company is Aketta.

Aketta is the product line of the agricultural tech company Aspire. Aspire’s claim to fame is the fact that their founders from McGill University won the Hult Prize in September of 2013 to receive 1 Million dollars from the Clinton Foundation.

Since then they’ve been busy. They released their product line over a year ago, and are now changing the world by changing the way people eat. Aketta produces protein packed products that are made from crickets. They farm them in Austin Texas, and have a team that is working on creating some awesome snacks. Currently they offer whole crickets that are unflavored and a protein packed powder that also acts as a flour substitute. They have said that they are working on flavored crickets that could be a chip substitute for people’s daily life.

So why crickets? Well they’re an incredible source of protein, and they’re much better for the planet than their animal counterparts. Check out this infographic to see exactly why.


Not many people realize that the Cattle industry is creating more CO2 emissions than the Automobile industry. The UN is projecting that the world population will reach 9.7 billion people by 2050. This means there will be some serious problems with food sustainability. Hence why the Cricket is such an alluring opportunity. Crickets require far less food, land, and water than other animals to produce the same amount (if not more) protein.

The first question I had was is this even approved by the FDA? What I learned was quite interesting. According to their website, “The FDA does not approve meats as they are generally recognized as safe. For example, chicken, beef, pork etc., are not “FDA approved” and by extension, neither are our crickets.”

The real question is what do crickets taste like? Their website answer is, “Crickets have a nutty and earthy flavor. The whole roasted crickets have been compared to eating sunflower seeds. The flour has an umami flavor, deep and earthy, with hints of raw cocoa.”

They understand that taste is important. They have an entire page dedicated to recipes and ways to incorporate their products into your every day life.

They have also seen the product adopted by the Paleo community early on. “Crickets are a quintessential example of a food consumed by paleolithic humans and is an excellent source of protein and other nutrients considered cornerstones of a paleo diet.”

I’m sold. As the population continues to rise, and food continues to become more expensive and scarce, being open to consuming insects is quickly becoming a necessity. Check out their website here.