5 New e-commerce technology and innovations in popularity of online shopping

Ash Kumra By on June 28, 2017

Leaders in the e-commerce industry are always pushing boundaries by consistently implementing new technologies, testing new growth initiatives as well as improving shopper engagement.

In this article, we are going to discuss 5 new things every business owner needs to address before achieving growth online and in-store. If you don’t do these things, it would be difficult for your business to get to the next level.

Digitizing the storefront

One of the roadblocks or difficulties that most online retailers are yet to understand is the fact that a good number of people still derive joy to shop at a physical store. Brick-and-mortar is still in use despite the huge impact of increased investment in online sales, tablets and smartphones by conventional retailers.

Implementation of technologies will bring lots of advantages to your business such as process simplification, personalization, ease of use, convenience and high level of comfort.

Data integration

The importance of data integration can never be overemphasized; new technologies build bridges between modern and legacy systems. Research shows that the growth of in-store technologies, mobile and e-commerce are all powered by data integration technology.

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Direct Purchase through Social Media

Every day on social media, there is an increase of ‘direct purchase’ options, especially in the following platforms- Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Research shows that Facebook controls about 64% of global social sales. Within the last 6 months, about 90% of Pinterest users have bought at least one item online. Instagram applications make it easy for shoppers to buy directly from the product page.

Mobile wallets will give you more reasons to use them in-stores

In recent times, some companies like PayPal and Apple Pay took their businesses to brick-and-mortar stores. According to them, mobile is the best way to pay, and they are actually gaining massive followers daily. Smaller shoppers are making everything humanly possible to bring new changes to the way we shop.

PayPal is gradually becoming a lucrative payment option in most storefronts. Mobile wallets are daily giving users more reasons to use them in-stores. Mobile-wallets are designed to serve dual purposes such as serve as a loyalty card and a payment method. Most consumers are subscribing for mobile wallets.

Some startups are always looking forward to bridge the gap between offline and online shopping. Mobile wallets give your real-life shopping an online feel, thereby blurring the lines between in-person and digital transactions.

Types of Digital Payment 

There are different amazing digital payment types, with the likes of PayPal, Amazon Pay, Apple Pay, and so on; shoppers can now complete a transaction with their online pin numbers or fingerprints.

Since 2016, most customers are adopting digital payments through various channels such as their cards or phones to complete contactless payments. Today, many customers are ever willing to complete their transactions using mobile wallets. 


In this article, we have tried to analyze 5 new e-commerce and technology innovations in popularity of online shopping. Our findings are based on different case studies and opinions from experts we have interacted with.

These innovations are possible due to consistent advancements of technologies in recent times. Was this article helpful? Kindly hit the comment box to drop your thoughts!