When the Fight for the Catwalk Becomes a Fight for the Likes

Vincent Vitale By on March 6, 2017

Who is Naomi Goez?

Naomi Goez, a 22-year-old FIDM student in Los Angeles, CA, recently found out that even professional opportunities could solely depend on social media reach and web traffic.

What is this fashion design competition?

Last week, Naomi received an exciting email letting her know she has made it to the last round of an international design competition, sponsored by one of the largest denim vendors in the world, ISKO. The winner of this round will receive the opportunity to fly to Italy for a denim seminar and then fly back out in the summer to display the finished products on the runway to the best in the business, including Vogue and Ralph Lauren.

How have you marketed yourself for this contest?

So, what does this all entail? Simply enough, this round is only composed of a Facebook poll, where the number of votes determines the winner. And… the typing war begins. From working with influencers, to local communities and personally campaigning in West Hollywood, Downtown LA, Hollywood and Beverly Hills, Naomi has been non-stop promoting her work.

What’s next for you?

Naomi dreams of combining her experience in production and global sourcing, with a rich design background, in order to pursue a position in an international brand where her values of sustainability and social responsibility will be promoted. Help this dream come true by voting for her in the poll (takes less than 30 seconds):


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